A major recruitment and acquisition drive has almost doubled the size of local trust company Volaw.
The last 12 months have seen Volaw grow to a firm of over 90 staff, with new staff joining at all levels of the business. Volaw’s Wealth Structuring Group has seen the greatest growth and the compliance and funds teams have also developed in terms of staff and business expansion. The recent merger of Europlan trust company into the Volaw Group added 20 new staff including two directors.
The integration of Europlan has been particularly successful due to the good fit of business, the integration scheme within Volaw and their award winning training programme. This has been complemented by organic growth to match an increase in new business which has seen Volaw take on a further 18 new staff in the last year, with five more posts still currently available.

Voisin law firm, which is closely associated with Volaw and shares the same premises in Don Road, has also welcomed five new staff over the last year, including a newly qualified Barrister who came through Voisin’s bursary scheme, a Probate Assistant and three support staff.
Robert Christensen, Managing Director of Volaw Group, is encouraged by the firm’s future prospects, stating: ‘We are witnessing a period of consolidation in many areas, with some smaller fiduciary services business failing or being swallowed up by larger firms. We realised some time ago that it was essential to reach a critical mass to remain competitive, and our growth strategy has been rewarded by an influx of new business, which is especially gratifying in these lean times.
Our new staff bring a huge amount of expertise and access to new networks of professional contacts, which has made us a more attractive proposition for potential clients.’