Dealing with a data breach is challenging for any organisation and for regulated financial services firms that task becomes even more complex.

Cybersecurity experts from Deloitte and Carey Olsen will share their insights and advice at an industry breakfast at the Pomme D’or Hotel on 14 November 2019.

The event will see presentations and a panel discussion with Mark Whitehead, Head of Customer Breach Support at Deloitte; Nick O’Kelly, Head of Cyber Incident Response at Deloitte; William Grace, Partner at Carey Olsen and Huw Thomas, Counsel at Carey Olsen.

For businesses in Jersey, where reputation is of paramount importance and regulatory compliance is highly scrutinised, there is the additional consideration of how a data breach impacts on their regulatory position with the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

The event will focus on how to manage the early hours of a breach, how to minimise data losses and preserve critical evidence, handling the expectations and concerns of data protection and financial services regulators whilst ensuring that those affected by a breach are properly looked after.

If your organisation is interested in attending the event, please contact Emma Shirreffs on