Cary L. Cooper CBE is the author and editor of more than 125 books and is one of Britain's most quoted business gurus. He is a Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School, has been an advisor to the World Health Organisation, and was awarded the CBE by the Queen in 2001 for his contributions to organisational health and safety.

Cary is the keynote speaker at the Jersey International Business School’s HR Forum taking place at the school on Friday 23 March. His talk will focus on the costs of lack of wellbeing, the sources of it and what individuals and organisations can do to enable a better work-life balance in people’s lives. As social reformer John Ruskin wrote in 1851 “In order that people may be happy in their work, these three things are needed: they must be fit for it, they must not do too much of it, and they must have a sense of success in it”.

‘The Prime Minister has said on many occasions that Gross National Wellbeing is as important as GDP. Indeed, there is a worldwide movement, since the credit crunch, to reassess our priorities in the workplace to ensure that we get greater work-life balance. Indeed, the UK government is currently engaged in an exercise to measure ‘wellbeing’ throughout the UK. This has been stimulated partly by the costs of depleted wellbeing. We know, for example, from the Foresight project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing, that lack of mental wellbeing costs UK Plc in excess of £100b per annum, and in the workplace alone £25.9b–for stress-related/mental ill health absence around £15b and for presenteeism (being ill but turning up to work but providing no added value) roughly double that figure. We are now in a scenario where there are fewer people in the workplace, having heavier workloads, feeling job insecure, working longer and longer hours and being more micro-managed. This is not only adversely affecting the health of many people but also their personal and family lives.’

EXTRACT FROM CARY L COOPER’S BLOG POSTED at This is a fascinating opportunity to meet and interact with one of the founding presidents of the British Academy of Management, and a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Post-talk, Cary will be hosting a break-out session with delegates on the subject of ‘Health and Wellbeing’, asking delegates to submit proposed topics of interest to examine at enrolment.

The Forum will be held at the Jersey International Business School on Friday 23 March from 9.30am-12.30pm followed by a networking lunch. Places are limited with ticket prices at £75 and anyone interested in attending should contact or phone 816338