Young people are benefitting from an after-school homework club thanks to funding from the Barclays Wealth Community Awards.

Ace of Clubs is a charity, which provides after-school and holiday clubs at minimal cost for children aged between four and 12 years old

The donation from the Barclays Wealth Community Awards has provided funding to enable the Ace of Clubs Homework Club to continue until early 2012.

The Ace of Clubs Homework Club supports children from single parent families, families for whom English is their second language and children with special needs and learning difficulties as well children whose parents work long hours by providing a team member who can sit with them and allow them to complete their homework with the support they require.

‘Some parents don’t have access to computers or the internet which is often required for some of the children’s homework and so we are able to provide those resources through our homework club. We also aim to support the work done in the schools and help those children for whom English is their second language, as often their parents can’t, or don’t feel able to support their child with numeracy and literacy work,’ said club coordinator Mechele Miller.

There are currently 43 children who attend the after-school organisation and have access to the homework club, and an additional 49 children who regularly attend the holiday club.

The scheme does not currently receive funding from the States and therefore relies on donations, such as that provided by the Barclays Wealth. The homework club operational costs are £2,400 annually.

‘The parents of the children that attend our homework club find it difficult to pay fees, which is why we endeavour to and have, so far, successfully kept these costs to a minimum,’ said Mrs Miller.

‘We are so very grateful to Barclays Wealth for its support as well as the contribution it makes to the rest of the community. For the children who attend Ace of Clubs Homework Club, making this extracurricular support available to them is vital.’

Richard Corrigan, director, Barclays Wealth Intermediaries and International, Jersey, said the success of the project was down to the dedication of the staff.