Executive Summary
  • During 2007 bank deposits grew by £22.6 billion to £212.3 billion. This represents growth of 11.9% in bank deposits for the last twelve months. This included the issuance of two new banking registrations to EFG Private Bank and Investec Bank (Channel Islands). During the last quarter there was a dip in deposits due to the movement of funds out of two island banks, this is considered to be a temporary fall.
  • The Net Asset Value (NAV) of funds under administration in Jersey grew by £67.0 billion in the year 2007 to reach £246.1 billion. During 2007 the NAV of funds under administration rose by 37.4%. During the period a number of new fund administrators were authorised in the Island including Saltgate Limited, Nordic Capital Limited, Rathbone Fund Services Jersey Limited, Horizon Trustees (Jersey) Limited, Pentera Trust Company Limited, Walbrook Fund Managers (Jersey) Limited and Investec Trust (Jersey ) Limited.
  • The NAV of Expert Funds grew by £28.7 billion during 2007 representing a 97.5% increase over the year. The number of Expert Funds increased by 109 to 383 during the year, an increase of 39.7%.
  • The total value of funds under Investment Management increased by £16.7 billion to £78.8 billion during the year, representing an increase of 26.8%. This was assisted by a number of new entrants including Savills Private Finance, EFG Offshore Limited, Abbey National Financial & Investment Services Ltd, Ermitage Asset Management, Heritage Insurance Ltd, Redwood Group Investment Management Limited and DPZ Capital Limited.
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