Executive Summary
  • More companies were incorporated in Jersey during Q4 2015 than in any quarter since Q2 2008. During the three months to December 2015, 786 companies were registered.
  • The net asset value of regulated funds under administration increased by £7bn from £218.8bn to £225.8bn during Q4 2015.
  • The continued low rate of interest and propensity for investors to reduce their cash holdings meant that the total value of banking deposits held in Jersey decreased by £5.3bn from £131.8bn to £126.5bn during Q4 2015.
  • The total number of regulated collective investment funds increased by 9 from 1,311 to 1,320 over the quarter whilst, as at end of Q4 2015, there were 126 active unregulated funds.
  • The value of total funds under investment management stood at £21.6bn at the end of Q4 2015. These figures do not include the total assets under management within the qualifying segregated managed accounts (QSMA) which increased by 3.6% from £1.7bn to £1.8bn at the end of the quarter.
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