New for 2021, the second event in our Spotlight Private Wealth event series explored co-investment trends and strategies adopted by private clients.

The second event in our Spotlight Private Wealth series was held on 18 May and brought together a panel of Jersey and UK experts to discuss co-investment trends in the private client space.

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Behind The Scenes

Watch a few highlights and see what happened behind the scenes at our Spotlight Private Wealth event on co-investment trends in the private wealth space.

Speakers and Panellists

Robert Moore › Director – UK, Jersey Finance
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Charlotte Thorne

Charlotte Thorne Partner, Capital Generation Partners

Tim Houghton

Tim Houghton Global Head of Private Wealth & Family Offices, TMF Group

David Fletcher

David Fletcher Partner, Farrer & Co

Josephine Howe

Josephine Howe Partner, Ogier

Karen O'Hanlon

Karen O'Hanlon Senior Director - Private Client Services, JTC

Quotes From the Audience Q&A

Has the pandemic accelerated your client’s interest in/appetite for co-investing?

Charlotte Thorne: "I think their appetite for co-investing has been growing for some time anyway. Those who are already involved in co-investments have probably seen some extra complexities arise as a result of the pandemic" Read more
Josephine Howe:  "There has been an exponential growth in private wealth around the world and also a noticeable growth in the overall number of family offices that are established" Read more
Karen O'Hanlon: "Yes, very much so, diluting their risk, ensuring governance is being applied and excess cash available for investment with interest rates low and finance cheap!" Read more

Aside from crypto, are you seeing a marked interest in ESG-related deals?

Charlotte Thorne:

“Yes, we have seen an increase in ESG related deals but the better quality deals tend to be fairly technical and sector-specific”

Josephine Howe:

“Impact investing and ESG has become a powerful mechanism for family offices looking to balance their desire to preserve wealth through the generations with income needs and investment sentiment of the current generation”

Karen O’Hanlon:

“Definitely a lot of interest however due diligence and governance play a large part therefore lots of research going on in the background”

What part does risk play in setting these structures up?

Josephine Howe: "Given a trustee's fiduciary duties, a trustee might have a different risk appetite to its co-investors" Read more
How do you manage the expectations of clients when a co-investment deal goes wrong?

Karen O’Hanlon:

“Most clients will be involved at the outset rather than operating at arm’s length.  Incredibly important to have the legals such as shareholders agreements well drafted with exit agreed upon and discussions at the outset regarding failure”

Charlotte Thorne:

“Our job as an adviser in these cases is to make sure that clients understand the risk associated with their investment going in”. Read more.

How important is the client’s reputation in accessing the best deals?