This report, produced by Finextra in collaboration with Jersey Finance, analyses the impact of fintech and environmental, societal and governance (ESG) principles on IFCs. Notably, it highlights an even more significant intersection at play with both these mega trends converging symbiotically, leading to fintech playing a part in the scaling up of sustainable finance, while the latter in turn accelerates innovation in fintech.

Business as usual will not save our planet. However, considering the ESG and fintech sectors as symbiotic and leveraging the resource that IFCs offer, will create an ecosystem where these forces can flourish.

It’s clear IFCs have a vital role to play during this global transition and leading jurisdictions such as Jersey, with longstanding expertise in supporting cross-border capital flows and a flourishing fintech cluster, can call upon both these strengths as we gravitate to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Finance, Fintech and the IFC Solution

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In this short Finextra interview, David Postlethwaite, Sustainable Finance Lead at Jersey Finance, and Harry Briggs, Associate Director at KPMG Channel Islands, discuss how IFCs provide the perfect ecosystem to nurture the symbiotic and increasingly important relationship between sustainable finance and fintech innovation.