International Savings Plans are an innovative savings plan product for multinational employers, available in Jersey from 1 January 2019.


ISPs enable large multinational companies to set up savings plans in Jersey for non-residents. These plans differ from traditional pensions offered to employees. They are more flexible as they allow a payout to employees before the normal minimum pension age, either on termination of employment or on the occurrence of a major life changing event such as redundancy, ill health or divorce.

Future-proof solutions for multi-national companies

Savings plan products are not new. They are offered the world over. However, large international employers setting up ISPs wish to establish them in a reputable well-regulated jurisdiction.

What sets Jersey apart as an ideal jurisdiction for international employers setting up ISPs is our robust regulatory framework and political and economic stability. Jersey’s ISP product is approved by the Jersey tax authorities, a clear example of our Island’s modern and sophisticated legal framework.

50 years

Jersey has been a leading international finance centre (IFC) for more that 50 years.


finance industry employees, ready to service and support the needs of multi-national companies

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Jersey Special Report on ISPs (in partnership with International Investment)
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Lisa Springate, Head of Technical at Jersey Finance, ISPs
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Better futures for international employees

Employees today are more likely to work for several employers in their working lives compared to previously.

Access to savings is vital for employees experiencing life changing events such as the termination of employment, redundancy, divorce, children going to university or children getting on the property ladder. A savings scheme which has flexible rules as to when benefits can be paid out is ideal for employees working for multinational companies where traditional pension schemes are not available.

Frequently Asked Questions: International Savings Plans (ISPs)
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Key features of an ISP

Its sole purpose is to provide benefits in respect of a person’s employment, wholly outside Jersey

It is established under an irrevocable trust under Jersey Law by an employer who is not resident in Jersey

It has trustees (either two or more individuals or a corporate) who are regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission, our regulator

It is not a scheme which comes within the pensions framework under Jersey tax legislation

Why Jersey for ISPs?

Jersey has one of the largest number of
finance industry professionals of any IFC,
giving it a vast pool of expertise


Jersey has strong links and is in close proximity to the City of London and the EU, giving businesses and individuals easy access to both markets


It adheres to, and is often an early adopter of, global standards set by the UK, EU, US and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)


The Jersey tax authority approves Jersey ISPs


It has a central time zone, making it easy to do business around the globe


A modern business environment with 13,700+ professionals supported by a politically stable government


In over five decades, Jersey has developed a breadth and depth of competitive products and services

Working with the world

The Gulf Region

Gulf-based companies wishing to set up Jersey ISPs can contact Richard Nunn, our Head of Business Development (East) at Jersey Finance, for more information and advice. Richard is based in Dubai and travels extensively around the Gulf region.

Richard Nunn › Head of Business Development
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African-based companies wishing to set up Jersey ISPs can email Allan Wood, Head of Business Development (West), for more information and advice. Allan is based in Jersey and travels frequently to various countries in Africa.

Allan Wood › Head of Business Development
email › / profile ›

Greater China

China-based companies wishing to set up Jersey ISPs can email An Kelles, Business Development
Director for Greater China , for more information and advice. An is based in Hong Kong and travels frequently around Asia.

An Kelles › Business Development Director - Greater China
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