The Rise of the Family Office

To help us better understand the mindset of today’s family office, we worked closely with some local family offices to listen to their personal experiences and to understand their rationale behind establishing their businesses in Jersey as a leading international finance centre.

We recognise that every family office is unique, however, they share several common aspirations including:

  • wealth preservation;
  • asset protection;
  • philanthropy; and
  • privacy

Why Family Offices Choose Jersey

We understand the key drivers that make Jersey a destination of choice for family offices. With key aspirations and insights, we are able to support them in achieving their future wealth ambitions.

Jersey can support family offices to grow and protect their wealth, with a solid infrastructure, specialist advice and a wide range of products and services.

See our interactive family office wheel for detailed information on Jersey’s expertise, stability, reputation, connectivity and more.


“One of the most attractive things about Jersey is the talent pool. We have employed five local, very experienced professionals. The family has also been impressed with the quality of the legal, accounting and trust company service providers that we have engaged.” – Global Head of Governance for Family A


“We chose Jersey as it offered political stability, it is very well-regarded and it is fiscally well-managed.” – Principal of Family D


“Jersey is the ideal location to run a philanthropic family office as we use the Island’s strength as an international financial centre of excellence to attract investors and help people in need.” – Principal of Family C

Legal Certainty

“We did not choose Jersey as a jurisdiction for tax reasons. Instead, we wanted reassurance that we would be able to preserve the foundation’s wealth and make sure the assets are protected.” – Principal of Family D


“The family wanted a jurisdiction that is
highly regarded and well-regulated.” – Principal of Family B

Ease of Doing Business

“We found it really easy to set up as we contacted Locate Jersey and they showed
us all the options and opportunities the Island could offer.” – Principal of Family C


“Jersey feels like an extension of London – I can leave Jersey and fly to London and be at the London family office within 2 ½ hours. The family members also visit often and can fly commercially or fly over in their private plane.” – Principal of Family C

Technology & Infrastructure

“When looking at the choice of jurisdictions to set up our family office, we soon felt that Jersey is very much open for business. Locate Jersey and Jersey Finance were incredibly helpful and instrumental in the process of setting up our family office.” – Global Head of Governance for Family A


“Absolute confidentiality is very important for the family as well as providing asset protection. Family B have employed local, qualified, experienced employees who have maintained the confidentiality expected when dealing with the family’s wealth.” – Principal of Family B


“The main thing that attracted me to want to come and live in Jersey with my family and run the family office was the ease of living. I was also impressed by the vast amount of opportunities for outdoor activities, from surfing to abseiling.” – Principal of Family C

Jersey Family Office Profiles

To respect the families’ aspiration for privacy, we do not expose their names. However, below is a brief summary of each family office to show the diverse range of family offices established in Jersey.

Family A

Family A is a prominent ultra-high net worth multi-generational family. The main family office was relocated to Jersey in 2018.

Family A’s single family office manages the family’s private wealth structures and undertakes philanthropic activities. In only a few months, Family A was able to recruit over five local people in Jersey who have the necessary expertise to run their family office.

The Jersey single family office is now seen as the main hub of the family’s multi-jurisdictional wealth and where their Global Head of Governance is based.

Family B

Family B set up their single family office in Jersey over 10 years ago. The family, who are mainly based in London, already had a relationship with Jersey service providers when they decided to set up a single family office in Jersey to manage the family’s private wealth.

Family B’s single family office consists of five local employees and manages the family’s multi-jurisdictional portfolio. Family B regularly visit the single family office and find the close proximity to London a great convenience.

Family C

Family C are an ultra-high net worth European family of multiple generations. The majority of Family C are located in London.

Family C set up a charitable foundation in 2008 to manage their philanthropic activities. Family C have family offices in four other locations across the world. The Principal of their philanthropic arm chose Jersey to set up a further family office solely for their philanthropic activities.

The philanthropic activities include both global and local initiatives. Some of the global projects include the marine environment, medical research, a suicide prevention helpline in the UK and social reform in prisons. The local projects include supporting Beresford Street Kitchen.

Family D

Family D are an ultra-high net worth family who set up their foundation in 2016. They set up an office in Jersey in 2017.

One of the purposes of the foundation is to undertake active strategic philanthropy. The underlying income generating businesses of the foundation are situated

Family E

Family E are a first generation ultra-high net worth family. The patriarch of Family E moved to Jersey with his family over 10 years ago. Family E chose Jersey due to lifestyle, the education options available and the ease of travelling to and from the UK.

Family E set up a private company in Jersey, which subsequently became regulated.

Working with the world

United Kingdom

For more information and advice on relocating family offices to Jersey, UK-based intermediaries can contact Robert Moore or Nicola Le Brocq. Both are based in the UK.

Robert Moore › Director – UK, Jersey Finance
email › / profile ›

Nicola Le Brocq › Director – Funds and Corporate, UK, Jersey Finance
email › / profile ›

Gulf Region

Gulf-based intermediaries wishing to enquire about relocating family offices to Jersey can contact Faizal Bhana or An Kelles for more information and advice. Faizal and An are both based in Dubai.

Faizal Bhana › Director – Middle East, Africa and India, Jersey Finance
email › / profile ›

An Kelles › Director – GCC, Jersey Finance
email › / profile ›


Intermediaries based in Africa wishing to enquire about relocating family offices to Jersey can contact Allan Wood, our Global Head of Business Development, Faizal Bhana looks after the Kenya and Nigeria markets, whereas Dr Rufaro Mucheka covers South Africa. Allan is based in Jersey, Faizal is based in Dubai and Rufaro is based in South Africa.

Faizal Bhana › Director – Middle East, Africa and India, Jersey Finance
email › / profile ›

Dr Rufaro Nyakatawa › Market Development Consultant – Africa, Jersey Finance
email › / profile ›


Intermediaries based in Asia can contact Maria McDermott or Yiow Chong Tan for more information and advice on relocating family offices to Jersey.

Maria McDermott › Market Development Consultant – Asia, Jersey Finance
email › / profile ›

The Americas

US-based intermediaries wishing to enquire about relocating family offices to Jersey can contact Philip A. Pirecki for more information and advice. Philip is based in New York.

Philip A. Pirecki › Jersey Finance Lead in the Americas
email › / profile ›

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