The past few months have been a tumultuous and uncertain time for everyone. The speed of the COVID-19 lockdown was shocking and now, as the restrictions ease, we are all having to find a new way of operating.

For the team at Jersey Business the impact of COVID-19 was transformational. Overnight we needed to ‘pivot’ away from our usual activity and instead help businesses navigate the new restrictions, access support and being a confidential sounding board to very anxious business leaders. The volume of activity increased exponentially at the same time as our team adapted to working remotely.

We were and are very conscious of the impact on each individual of both the volume of work and the very personal nature of the enquiries we were dealing with. Using technology and building coping mechanisms into our daily work has helped us pull together as a team. We’ve also made sure everyone has been able to take additional time out which has been vital to individual wellbeing.

We’re now looking at how we can keep and build on the positive changes we’ve experienced in the past three months. Everyone works differently and everyone rests differently so the important thing for us is that each one of us is empowered to manage the way they work, within the requirements of the business, and that their health and wellbeing is better for it.