Foundation migrated to Jersey

R&H Trust Co (Jersey) has a client from Japan, who recently chose to move an established charitable foundation from Liechtenstein to Jersey. Jersey appealed to the family due to the suitability of the modern Jersey Foundation and Charities Laws, the high level of professional expertise available in Jersey in running such structures, the ability to understand complex international tax matters and the scope it offers in terms of control and flexibility.

Entrepreneur chooses Jersey

Sanne has established a Jersey foundation for an entrepreneur, which, once its investment disposal programme is completed, is expected to have over US$500 million available for charities supporting education and the environment. The founder was attracted by the stability of Jersey as a jurisdiction, the flexibility of Jersey’s Foundations Law and the ability for the wider family to have a meaningful engagement in the process over the long term.

Structures need to be robust yet flexible enough to survive changes to law and regulation, allowing philanthropists to develop tailor-made solutions that grow as their families do.

Jersey offers the following vehicles, which are all exceptionally well suited to supporting philanthropic ventures:


A highly flexible, tailor-made structure that’s often used in philanthropy. The Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 allows for both charitable and non-charitable purpose trusts and for trusts that can be set up for purposes that are partly personal and partly philanthropic. The flexibility of trusts allows for a range of structures that can be adapted to suit different philanthropic objectives.


The Jersey Foundation is by far the most flexible vehicle for structured giving. Philanthropists can be involved in the administration of the foundation, which can again be charitable or non-charitable and can be established with no beneficiaries, with very wide objectives and resemble either a company or a trust. The foundation offers a good balance of transparency and confidentiality, and its make-up can be amended easily, allowing it to evolve through family generations and with the changing world.


In 2015, a survey of impact investment by JP Morgan and The Global Impact Investing Network found that 75% of investors did so via intermediaries. Further analysis by Cambridge Associates found that almost 70% of social impact funds were private equity or venture capital vehicles. Jersey has a strong pedigree in funds, especially in alternative investments, and a number of impact funds have been established on the Island in recent years.

Professional Philanthropy Advice

According to a study by Charities Aid Foundation and Scorpio Partnership (2015), these are the key areas of advice sought by philanthropists:


Jersey for Philanthropy
Jersey is an ideal jurisdiction for the formation and administration of philanthropic structures. It has the technical means and the experience, and is continuing to develop its laws to make philanthropic activity even easier. Professional firms in Jersey are working with individuals and families around the world to assist them with their endeavours.
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