A clear choice

Jersey is proud to be a leading funds jurisdiction. With alternative investment funds in high demand globally, particularly among institutional and pension fund investors, Jersey is a specialist centre and works with some of the world’s biggest private equity managers. In fact, we have more than 50 years of experience in structuring, managing and administering funds. It’s this track record, together with the flexibility of our funds regime and the future-proofed solutions we provide, that makes us a clear choice.

The turbulent global economic and political environment of recent years hasn’t hampered our forward-thinking private equity sector. It’s continued to flourish, with the launch of significant new funds using Jersey structures.

World’s largest investment fund established in Jersey

SoftBank Group Corporation selected Jersey for the structuring of its Vision Fund (the SoftBank Vision Fund L.P.). It has raised over $93 billion in committed capital, making it the world’s largest ever investment fund. This record-breaking level of commitment has been raised from some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds and biggest and most recognised technology companies.

For a list of all Jersey Finance Member firms, including fund managers, law firms and fund administrators, visit www.jerseyfinance.je/member-directory

What sets Jersey apart?
Flexible distribution solutions

Unlike other jurisdictions, Jersey offers easy and cost-effective marketing within the EU through National Private Placement Regimes (NPPRs). When targeting investors outside the EU, Jersey is not subject to the Alternative Investment Fund Directive (AIFMD) as we are not an EU member state.

Speed and ease

Our flexible funds regime caters to all investor requirements. It offers a sliding scale of regulation and cost. The recently introduced Jersey Private Fund allows funds with up to 50 investors to take advantage of a fast track authorisation process and lighter ongoing regulatory requirements, in as little as 48 hours. This is proving very popular.

Expertise and substance

We provide exceptional standards of specialism and service. Jersey is home to a large number of major and boutique fund administrators, offering comprehensive support through a broad range of fund administration services, including company secretarial, compliance, accounting and investor reporting. Alongside this pool of expert fund administrators are lawyers and auditors, together with a host of professional non-executive directors, with extensive knowledge and experience. There are already more than 120 asset managers with a strong office presence in Jersey and this number is growing steadily.

Transparency and combatting financial crime

We’re proud of our commitment to the highest standards of financial regulation, which have been acknowledged by the OECD, IMF and MONEYVAL. Jersey has been a ‘first wave’ signatory to all key information exchange programmes, including FATCA, CRS and BEPS, and is also unique in long-maintaining a central register of company beneficial ownership to help share information with tax authorities globally.

Vehicles and structures

As a forward-thinking jurisdiction, Jersey offers a wide range of vehicles and fund types. Private equity funds are commonly structured as Jersey limited partnerships because they provide considerable flexibility in the structuring and operation of the funds and, importantly, offer both tax transparency and limited liability for limited partners. All regulation of funds in Jersey is appropriate to the risk of the structure and the type of investor.

An evolving funds regime

We’re focussed on developing our funds regime for the future and on providing innovative solutions. In an ever-changing international regulatory and legislative landscape, our funds regime reacts with agility, offering fund managers vital flexibility and the full spectrum of fund options they need.

Access to capital markets

Jersey is a perfect base for listing funds on international exchanges from New York to Hong Kong and, of course, London, our close neighbour. We also offer easy access to the Channel Islands’ own exchange, The International Stock Exchange (TISE).

A simple tax-neutral system

Jersey has a clear and simple tax-neutral system that sets us apart from other countries. Tax is paid where it needs to be. The funds do not pay tax, the investors pay all the correct tax to their respective governments. There is no double or triple taxation of funds and investors. Our tax model simply allows investors to work together more efficiently.

A ‘no change’ jurisdiction, despite Brexit

Jersey provides a ‘no change’ solution for access to UK investors. The British Government has been clear that the special relationship between Jersey and Britain will not be impacted by Brexit. We have never been part of the EU so we have long-standing bilateral relationships with EU member states and established market access arrangements, which will not be affected either. We are uniquely placed and this sets us apart from other international finance centres (IFCs).

Environment and infrastructure

Overall, it’s Jersey’s forward-thinking approach, robust regulatory framework, and political and economic stability that makes us one of the world’s leading IFCs. Also, we are in the same time zone as London and less than an hour’s flight away. Our data centres are world-class, while our high-speed and high-bandwidth communication links allow us to operate and integrate internationally. Last but not least, Jersey has an outstanding coastal environment and quality of life for those looking to relocate.

Flexible funds solutions

Jersey has a fully flexible funds regime and, unlike other jurisdictions, offers easy and cost-effective marketing within the EU through NPPRs. As Jersey is not a member state, it is not subject to the scope of the AIFMD when targeting investors outside the EU.