About the Jersey Fund for a Wilder World

The Jersey Fund for a Wilder World has been established as a joint project between industry, government, Jersey Overseas Aid, and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. By joining the scheme, Jersey’s funds sector providers and intermediaries can contribute to Durrell’s projects, effecting positive change and providing for those investors wanting to make a difference with their money.

How the Jersey Fund for a Wilder World works

  • The Jersey Fund for a Wilder World is a voluntary scheme, where funds businesses with a sustainable focus can donate a minimum of 2.5% of their annual fees, earned from included
    SRI entities, to Durrell.
  • Durrell will pool donations from contributors and assign them across their rewilding programmes, where there is an immediate funding need.
  • Contributing firms will be issued with a kitemark to use as authentication that they are involved in the scheme, and on an annual basis they will receive information from Durrell on the projects supported in the year they donated. They can use this kitemark in the year they donate.

About Durrell’s rewilding programmes

The donations made to the Jersey Fund for a Wilder World will be used by Durrell in its rewilding sites worldwide, where they have a funding need. Durrell’s rewilding sites focus on the long-term restoration of ecosystems and Durrell have ten sites, that are representative of the world’s major terrestrial biomes, in locations where they have a strong legacy of engagement to enable more effective collaboration and action on the ground.

Dr Lesley Dickie, Chief Executive Officer, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

“Durrell is world renowned for the passion and rigour we bring to saving species from extinction, and protecting nature’s diverse habitats. We know from our proven track record that, given the right resources, conservation works. It works for animals, people, places and our planet. Working together with Jersey’s sustainable fund sector we can do even more.”

Joining the Jersey Fund for a Wilder World scheme

Funds businesses with an interest in joining the scheme should contact Elliot Refson.

Elliot Refson, Director of Funds

“Jersey has an ambition to become a centre of excellence for sustainable finance and is ideally placed to do so, given our existing strengths and reputation as a jurisdiction of choice for international finance. The funds sector here has a wide range of flexible structures and the expertise to support businesses and investors with their sustainable finance goals.”

support for the Jersey Fund for a Wilder World

The Jersey Fund for a Wilder World is a joint project involving several organisations. To find out more about how each of these parties helps bring the scheme to fruition, please download the factsheet.