Regional Connections and Saudi Expertise

This brochure highlights some of the reasons why Jersey is a clear choice for Saudi investors. We look at how Jersey firms are using their regional connections and, on the ground, Saudi expertise through their excellent intermediaries, to provide world-class support in areas ranging from Shari’a compliant succession planning to domiciling and structuring complex multi-class, multi-sector and multi-jurisdictional global investments.

Working with Families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Island of Jersey is an independent, forward-thinking international finance centre (IFC) located between the UK and France. For decades, families and businesses in the Kingdom have been working with our financial services professionals in many areas.

Private Wealth Management

Succession Planning for Future Generations

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Why Jersey is a Clear Choice for Saudi Investors

Islamic Finance

Compared with other IFCs, Jersey’s financial services professionals lead the way in visiting Saudi Arabia and meeting clients face to face. As a result, they have developed strong and lasting relationships with families and businesses in the Kingdom over the years.

Restructuring and Redomiciling Existing Structures

We’re the clear IFC of choice for restructuring and redomiciling existing structures established in other international jurisdictions, and we’re perfectly placed to provide expert support against the backdrop of Saudi Vision 2030.

Tax Neutral Environment

Jersey is proud to have a global reputation for integrity, independence and stability, and offers a tax-neutral environment in which to do business.

Best Regulated IFC

We have been recognised as one of the best-regulated IFCs in independent assessments by some of the world’s leading bodies, including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as scoring top marks from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on tax transparency.


More than 50 Jersey firms are currently supporting Saudi clients with their financial arrangements and strategies.

With representatives from most of these firms including many female practitioners visiting the Kingdom regularly.


Jersey firms also have very strong links to financial services professionals in central London, including vital connections with private client lawyers.

Stability and Regulations

When it comes to selecting an IFC, Saudi investors focus on a jurisdiction’s stability, reputation and regulatory environment. Tax efficiency and asset protection are also vital considerations. Ticking all of these boxes, Jersey is well placed to support family offices, ultra-high-net-worth individuals and businesses in the Kingdom.

Real Estate

Jersey is the clear choice for real estate structuring, not just for property in London and other cities in the UK, but also for property in North America and Western Europe.

We work with Saudi families and businesses acquiring:

  • Residential property, structured as buy-to-let or as part of a buy-to-let portfolio
  • Commercial real estate, including residential towers, student housing, office towers, hotels, warehouses and real estate for ‘last mile’ logistics

Particularly appealing is the fact that it’s often easier to sell commercial property structured in Jersey, which widens the pool of potential buyers. This is largely thanks to Jersey’s reputation as a leading and trusted IFC.

Jersey Private Funds

Jersey Private Funds are also extremely attractive for investments from the Kingdom, especially club investments. This structuring option offers institutional and professional investors a more streamlined and fast-track regime, with tailored ongoing regulatory requirements. Funds for up to 50 investors can be established in as little as 48 hours.

International Savings Plans

Our International Savings Plans are tax-approved schemes for multinational employers. These forward-thinking plans are more flexible than traditional pensions, allowing a pay-out to employees before the standard minimum pension age, either on termination of employment or as a result of a major life-changing event such as redundancy, ill health or divorce. They are ideal schemes for end-of-service benefit payments.

Redomiciling and Restructuring

It’s our first-class reputation and unparalleled levels of expertise that set us apart from other IFCs. Families and businesses in the Kingdom are choosing Jersey for redomiciling or restructuring their international structures. This ‘flight to quality’ is most often seen for structures established in the Caribbean, such as special purpose vehicles (SPVs), and also for structures set up in the 1980s and 1990s in Panama and Liechtenstein, which tend to own assets in the United States.

Family Offices

Jersey is the perfect place to locate a family office, thanks to the extent of our expertise, our favourable time zone and our innovative, forward-thinking services. We have many well-established single and multi-family offices that provide world-class support across a wide range of functions, from wealth management and succession planning to property management and marine and aviation asset management.

Private Trust Companies

Jersey private trust companies (PTCs) are very popular among Saudi families looking to preserve and protect wealth for future generations. Recognising the importance of control and family participation, PTCs allow family members or trusted advisers to become board members alongside professional service providers.

Islamic Finance

We’re a leading Islamic finance centre. Unlike other jurisdictions, we don’t have to amend laws to accommodate Shari’a-compliant structures and contracts, and we have extensive experience in this area. Many Sukuk structures, for example, have been established in Jersey.

Case Studies from Jersey-based Companies


Key Contacts

To find out more about Jersey’s IFC and any of the topics discussed in the brochure, please get in touch with Faizal Bhana, Director – Middle East, Africa and India, Jersey Finance:

Faizal Bhana › Director – Middle East, Africa and India, Jersey Finance
email › / profile ›

Faizal is a UK qualified lawyer and for many years has worked and advised, and is a trusted advisor to institutions, corporates and families across the Middle East, Africa and India. Faizal specialises in banking and finance and has advised corporates, family offices and families including on their international investment and holding structures.

Faizal is responsible for developing the strategy for Jersey Finance’s engagement in Africa, the Middle East and India. He is focussed on his key markets, regularly travelling to all these countries, liaising and working with key stakeholders, including public and private institutions, corporates and families, building long-term mutually beneficial relationships.