Why Jersey for listing vehicles

The greatest number of FTSE 100 companies registered outside the UK

9 companies listed on the FTSE 250

The greatest number of AIM companies registered outside the UK

41 companies listed on the Main Market of the LSE

Advantages of using Jersey Holding Companies as Listing Vehicles

0% corporation tax
Free of withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties
Shares in Jersey incorporated Holding Companies are free of stamp duty in Jersey
Three CREST enabled share registrars
Ability to trade shares directly through CREST (the UK share settlement system)
Mind and management can be based on island
Efficient management of share capital via treasury shares
A Jersey Public Holding Company is comparable to a UK PLC
Incorporatedand Protected Companies
Since 2009, recognised as an Approved Jurisdiction for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Examples of Jersey Holding Companies as Listing Vehicles:


A leading electronic market infrastructure and information provider. Connecting clients across the world’s financial, energy and commodities markets.


An investing company which focusses on Energy Transition and Sustainability in the Built Environment. It provides its shareholders the opportunity to create long-term capital growth with positive, scalable, measurable and sustainable impact on the environment and on the communities it serves.


A lithium exploration and development company. We are committed to using renewable power for processing and reducing the environmental impact of our lithium production by utilising Direct Lithium Extraction.

Jersey Listed Companies on Global Exchanges (as at 30 September 2021)
TerritoryExchangeMarketNumber of CompaniesMarket cap (£bn)
UKLSEUK Main Market41131.864
LuxembourgEuro MFT00.00
AsiaHKExHK Stock Exchange25.751
North AmericaNASDAQNASDAQ26.139
NYSENew York Stock Exchange10.101
TSXToronto Stock Exchange20.015
Approved stock exchanges in Jersey for listing purposes include¹:
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Chicago Stock Exchange
  • NYSE Euronext Paris
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Luxembourg Stock Exchange
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • Cyprus Stock Exchange
  • Stock Exchange of Mauritius
  • The International Stock Exchange
  • Irish Stock Exchange
  • London Stock Exchange (including Main
  • Market, AIM and SFS)


¹Pursuant to the Companies (Transfer of Shares – Exemptions) (Jersey) Order 2014 (as amended) and/or the Companies (Uncertificated Securities) (Jersey) Order 1999 (as amended). In the case of the latter, Euroclear UK & Ireland Limited is a ‘recognised operator’.

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