Jersey continues to develop as a stable, democratic, largely self-governing Dependency of the British Crown. As such, it has built a society and governance model that can be relied upon to provide a very positive place to work and thrive and in which to do business with confidence. Equally, Jersey has a regulatory and legal structure that is modern, comprehensive and rigorously enforced. The rule of law is paramount, whilst the security and status of the Island is guaranteed by its strong relationship with the UK.

As I reflect on Jersey’s 60 years as an international finance centre (IFC), I am reminded of the seamless evolution and transition that has been the hallmark of its development. Today, the IFC has a well-earned and justified reputation for excellence as it continues to make a significant contribution to the prosperity of Jersey and the development of its 21st Century infrastructure. Finance does not operate in isolation and Jersey’s contribution to the world of trade, accountancy, business and agriculture all continue to grow. The Jersey community adapted very effectively during the recent COVID-19 pandemic and with the cooperation of the UK, it quickly rolled out a highly effective vaccination programme, all of which kept Jersey society and business working positively throughout the pandemic. With its stability, strong regulatory framework and a constant programme of innovation around technical advances in digital services and the protection of Internet access, Jersey is well placed to continue to meet the needs of the global finance industry for another 60 years and beyond.

Jersey is rightly proud of its heritage and the benefits of its loyalty to The British Crown. Its finance industry stands as a strong example of how a properly run, regulated and successful business can enhance that heritage and reputation, whilst continuing to build a strong, vibrant and highly engaging 21st Century community in which to live and work.

Jersey First for Finance 13th Edition
In this special edition of Jersey ~ First for Finance, we highlight our contributors’ personal reflections on our industry’s sixty years and the challenges and opportunities we face in the future.
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