Q&A with Tracey Lander, Head of Group Talent Management

In January 2021, Stonehage Fleming launched a global, Group HR structure designed to better serve the needs of our people, our business and our clients. We caught up with Tracey Lander, Head of Group Talent Management.

Our people are our greatest asset. We have a very talented and dedicated workforce and our new HR structure is designed to further enhance their skills, blending best practices from across our international offices.

A culture of learning is integral to our business model. We are committed to retaining the best people and providing a world-class development programme. This year we are launching a line management course as well as front office skills training for those who work with clients on a daily basis. We have created a framework designed around consistency and longevity.

Our values underpin everything we do. Family, moral courage and excellence are at the centre of our brand. They provide the golden thread that runs through every learning pathway we develop. It is important we embed our culture throughout the firm. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the same foundation skills and knowledge through shared experience and storytelling.

Online learning accounts for 10% of all group training. Launched in 2019 the platform has been embraced far beyond initial expectations. The on-demand video courses focus on IT, management and ‘soft’ skills. During this prolonged period of remote working, however, we have also used the platform to deliver wellbeing and mental health content, logging 1,338 training hours in the past year alone.

We always put our clients first. Experience has shown us that we can best serve the interests of our clients by enhancing the knowledge base of our already talented workforce. This in turn contributes to meeting our corporate commitment of making Stonehage Fleming a great place to work.

Despite the challenging environment, we have remained connected. In the past 12 months the world has changed – we had to adapt and new skills were required to manage teams remotely. Throughout the Covid crisis, we have been careful not to lose sight of the needs and welfare of our people. Wellbeing and keeping colleagues motivated and connected are the central tenets of our operational framework. We are very proud of what we have achieved as a business.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash