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Foreword: The Shaping of Ready

The world is changing rapidly. Macro trends such as digitalisation, sustainability and geopolitics are converging to shape our environment at an accelerating pace, creating both challenges and opportunities. It is critical we respond and adapt to these dynamics to ensure Jersey’s financial and related-professional services sector (FRPS) is prepared for the long term.

In response to this need and following key recommendations from our ongoing multi-agency ‘Future-Fit Workforce’ project – and specifically at the request of Members who form a key part of the group – we held our inaugural ‘Ready’ summit in March 2024. This event brought together multiple generations of our workforce and representatives from all industry pillars to collaborate and learn from one another. Our goal was to assess Jersey’s future readiness by exploring the core question: Is Jersey ready to continue to be a positive force and visionary leader in international finance?

Ready was an innovative event designed to gather experts to share their knowledge and inform and inspire the audience, while refining our collective thinking through panel sessions and active participation.

Throughout the three events, each with content curated for the different generations present, we focussed on four key themes:


Sustainable Finance

Future-fit Workforce


We aimed to address fundamental and often challenging questions: Where are our collective knowledge and understanding gaps? How well is my organisation prepared for the future? How can I personally set myself up for success? What changes can I implement as an individual and within my organisation to ensure Jersey is ready for the years ahead?

Audience input and feedback were pivotal to Ready. A pre-event survey, analysed beforehand, ensured we started with the audience’s perspective in mind. The three attendee cohorts, each at different career stages within their organisations, provided diverse perspectives. Additionally, we sought insights during the events by engaging with speakers and guests, inviting audience input through Q&A sessions, polls and group workshops.

By the end of the summit, we had developed a comprehensive understanding of these themes and their impact on our industry, driven by the combined insights from keynote speeches, panel discussions, and audience feedback.

This key takeaways report summarises the themes and ideas shared over the course of the three events, offering a synopsis of the discussions, and action points to guide us – and you – in the months and years ahead.

This innovative and collaborative effort would not have been possible without the contributions of those who attended and participated in our sessions.

Thank you for your invaluable input.

Joe Moynihan › Chief Executive Officer, Jersey Finance
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Pre-Survey Results

To ensure our events were relevant and responsive, we sent all registered attendees a short, anonymous survey based on the main themes of the event.

Ready events were split into three cohorts:

New Talent, aimed at new entrants to Jersey’s finance industry identified as having potential to be future leaders;

Experienced Professionals, for leaders of high-performance teams across all disciplines and

Executives’ Retreat, open to the CEO, managing partner, local business head or equivalent.

We asked the same or similar questions to each cohort, allowing us to analyse the responses both as an overall sector snapshot and to consider the differences between them. These results are reflected in the summary and key takeaways of each event. Use the tabs above to get key insights into the different sessions.

What Next? ›

At Jersey Finance, we maintain an ongoing commitment to driving innovation and ensuring that our industry remains at the forefront of global developments.

Find out more about what to do next with some practical examples and suggestions.