The Challenge

A client of a discretionary investment manager wished to invest in a fully Shari’a-compliant investment portfolio while also meeting the following criteria;

  • capital growth
  • transparency of portfolio constituents
  • low total cost


Quilter Cheviot were able to provide a solution that adhered to the principles of Islamic Law by utilising our partnership with Yasaar, a Shari’a Supervisory Firm that possesses a three-man Shari’a advisory board.

The specific client requirements were met thanks to our access to a range of risk-adjusted Shari’a-compliant strategies which could be tailored to fit the client’s needs. Quilter Cheviot also benefits from an in house team of equity analysts who provided Yasaar with a thoroughly researched universe of investment ideas which had been screened to ensure adherence to Shari’a principles.


Investing directly in equities and Sukuk with a portfolio specifically tailored for the client enabled Quilter Cheviot’s solution to meet the client’s specific requirements, while also taking into consideration their objectives and risk profile. The client was also enthused that the final solution could be amended in the future should their circumstances change.