Welcome message from Joe Moynihan, Chief Executive Officer, Jersey Finance

At the forefront of an evolving landscape

Welcome to the Jersey supplement to the STEP Journal, now in its fifth year. Since celebrating our 60th anniversary as an international finance centre (IFC) last year, we have taken the opportunity to reflect on the numerous changes and challenges we have faced and the various ways in which Jersey has risen to the occasion and made the most of new opportunities.

I have been incredibly proud to witness the efficacy with which Jersey has responded to the demands of the ever‑evolving global landscape, leveraging the expertise and experience of the island’s industry to bring about positive change. This year’s supplement is once again launched alongside our annual Private Wealth Conference in London, and many of the themes in those presentations and sessions resonate with the topics included below.

Priorities, politics and technologies

Jersey has adapted swiftly in order to tackle and overcome a number of new challenges and pressures in recent years. We have continued to employ an agile, client‑focused approach and have maintained our high standards of integrity through diligence, transparency and robust regulatory practices. Our lead feature explores the importance of building trust and maintaining reputation in the private client world, and particularly among IFCs, during this period of increased international focus on transparency and responsibility.

Over the past few years, the fallout of major global events, including the COVID‑19 pandemic, climate change and conflict in Europe, has given renewed impetus to the desire among families to enter the philanthropic space, create a long‑term legacy and address social inequalities. Our article about the evolution of philanthropy shares the insights of panellists from a session that I had the pleasure of moderating at this year’s STEP Global Congress.

We also examine the evolving needs of next‑gen investors, including their increasing attention on investment approaches that prioritise environmental, social and governance values; explore the accelerating pace of digitalisation and new developments in this space, including the mounting sophistication of cybersecurity; and review the growing concern around political risk and how it has served to highlight the value of stability provided by leading jurisdictions such as Jersey.

Rising to the occasion

As we all continue to respond to unprecedented challenges on a global scale, the expertise, infrastructure, quality standards and specialist skills found in Jersey’s IFC provide a solid foundation from which we can adapt and evolve into the future.

Acting responsibly and with integrity remains at the core of what we do as an award‑winning IFC. Jersey is proud to be a future‑focused jurisdiction, and as such will maintain a focus on emerging opportunities, ensuring that we are providing the highest‑quality service and are holding our position at the cutting edge of innovation and development.

Thank you to STEP and to all of our contributors for helping us create this insightful and interesting supplement. We hope you enjoy it.