Jersey’s banking institutions are stepping up when it comes to sustainability, both at a global and local level, taking steps to support their clients as well as driving change within their own organisations.

In this episode, we consider the importance of embedding sustainability into banking business models and discuss some of the commitments Lloyds Bank is making in respect to climate change – both at a local and group level. As we approach COP26, we also discuss some of the initiatives being introduced to support clients in achieving their sustainable goals, as well as and the importance of collaboration and global networks in the fight against climate change.

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TISE Announces Net Zero Targets and Commitments

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29 November 2023

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Jersey for Sustainable Finance
When it comes to selecting a jurisdiction for sustainable finance, clients want a wide choice of structures that can be set up quickly, ideally in a tax-neutral location, where expertise is close at hand and disputes are easy to resolve. Reputation is key. Cost and convenience are critical. And familiarity is a reassuring bonus.

If you look at Jersey’s credentials, it’s clear that the Island meets every one of these criteria. These credentials, coupled with case studies from Jersey-based service providers and local organisations, show why Jersey is the clear choice for sustainable finance.
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