As a major professional bond market, it is among the leading venues in Europe for listing high yield bonds and private equity debt securities and is experiencing solid growth in structured finance and securitisation transactions. It also has a pool of ‘domestic’ equities and a significant share of the market for listed UK Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

TISE’s market is now supported by a new auction trading system, NOVA. This auction platform provides an automated price discovery and transaction model which delivers greater value to TISE’s current equity issuers. NOVA also provides TISE with a flexible platform which can be adapted to support new products and services, including a prospective private market offering.


The first half of 2022 comprised two very different quarters in terms of new listing volumes on TISE.Following a record 2021 and a record first quarter this year, new listings have since been subdued primarily due to a significant shift in macroeconomic conditions.

There has been the much anticipated pullback from the historic bull market run as geopolitical instability,global supply chain issues, persistent inflation and rising interest rates have combined to provide unfavourable conditions within the debt capital markets.

Like its competitor debt markets, TISE has not been immune to market conditions but with the refinement of its core bond market proposition and the ongoing activity from its Listing Members, it has seen further growth in the size and value of our market. There was a 11.2% rise year on year in the total number of securities on TISE’s Official List, which reached 3,815 at 30th June 2022, representing a total market value of more than £600 billion.

Despite a slowdown in new business activity, TISE remains the leading European venue for listing high yield bonds and whilst the high yield market is being particularly impacted by the wider economic backdrop, there is a relatively healthy pipeline in institutional loans and high-yield bonds earmarked for M&A and LBO transactions which should precipitate listings in the future.


In August 2021, TISE enhanced its international bond listing offering through the introduction of our Qualified Investor Bond Market (QIBM). This market provides a dedicated all-inclusive rulebook which reflects a proportionate regulatory and disclosure regime for all bond products and structures. The QIBM has helped to develop, diversify and strengthen TISE’s proposition as one of Europe’s leading stock exchanges for international bond listings. There were more than 1,000 newly listed bonds on QIBM in its first year.

In terms of trends, there was a 7.6% increase year on year in private equity related listings on QIBM during the first half of 2022. The private equity sector remains very strong with a significant amount of capital to be deployed and TISE remains the leading venue for the listing of securities related to this transactional activity.

There have also been more investment grade corporate bonds, sovereign bonds (including another bond from the States of Jersey) and securitisations listed on QIBM during the same period. Securitisation listings increased by 10% year on year and included prominent deals from major international banks backed by a range of asset classes including auto loans, credit card receivables, loans to SMEs, as well as residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities.


TISE bond listings are also including a growing number of sustainable bonds. In July 2021, TISE became a Partner Exchange of the United Nations’ Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (UN SSE) and launched its comprehensive sustainable market segment, TISE Sustainable.

TISE Sustainable is open to issuers and securities from across both TISE’s bond and equity markets who are independently assessed as complying with an internationally recognised framework or rating which demonstrates their environmental, social or sustainable credentials.

Since its launch, TISE have admitted sustainable issuers, green bonds, sustainable bonds, sustainability-linked bonds and humanitarian catastrophe bonds to TISE Sustainable. At the end of June 2022, there were more than £13 billion of listings on TISE supporting environmental, social and sustainable initiatives, which demonstrates the role it can play as a facilitator of global sustainable capital flows.


Whilst the UK has remained the largest single domicile of issuers with listed securities on TISE, more than 25% of all issuers listing securities this year were domiciled in the European Union, predominantly Luxembourg, Ireland and The Netherlands, as well as France, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

There has also been continued growth of Member firms who facilitate business on TISE, with new Member firms joining from both Jersey and Ireland.

Together, these factors demonstrate the delivery of TISE’s strategy to diversify and scale up its bond listings in the UK, Europe and internationally. Indeed, with the support of its Members and its dedicated team, TISE is well positioned to make the most of the opportunities which will emerge, not least when more buoyant market conditions return.

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