“As the UK’s first impact wealth manager, Tribe Impact Capital only run portfolios for positive financial and social/environmental returns. And whilst we are headquartered in London, being able to service offshore clients has been critical to our success.

We use first-class local custodians, such as LGT Vestra Jersey, and already have a number of important relationships with some of the world’s leading trust and fiduciary businesses on the Island.

There’s a lot of debate about definitions in this space. But, however defined, “impact investors” are the ones asking the important questions of their assets, strategies and service providers.

They’re intelligent, inquiring, and willing to learn. Its why Jersey is well suited as a jurisdiction. Impact investors also tend to be focussed on the future. Their outlook is driven by both their responsibility as custodians of inter-generational assets, as well as their role in helping to build a future that we all need.

The Island, like Tribe and our clients, understands that impact investing is a journey. Whilst we’re proud of our work today, we recognise what we’re doing can be improved on tomorrow. And Tribe are excited about travelling on this journey with Jersey”.

– James Lawson, Partner, Tribe Capital