2020 for the US has been a fragmented, disrupted and at times tumultuous period, as not only has the country grappled with the impact of COVID-19, but it has also had to navigate a presidential election.

For Jersey, recognising the specific challenges the coronavirus has thrown up for US investors, families and fund managers has been really important. Our ability as a jurisdiction to be agile, pivot to a more digital way of engaging with contacts, and being pro-active to put in place practical measures to enable business to carry on, has been well received.

In fact, throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen a number of US funds and transactions come to fruition through Jersey, whilst we’ve also seen an uptick in enquiries from the US specifically around accessing European capital reflective of the certainty we offer as a jurisdiction.

Our business development activity was supported by an organised and comprehensive engagement strategy including a range of online events, a new brochure, social media engagement and our funds domiciliation research. The amendments enabling limited partnership structures to migrate from other jurisdictions more easily will be transformational in enabling US managers to move structures to Jersey from elsewhere. And, later this year, we expect new Limited Liability Company legislation to come on track – a further move that should help bolster our proposition in the US market.

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