Private Wealth

Jersey has more than 50 years’ expertise in delivering private wealth management, trusts and estate and succession planning, and more recently foundations.

Jersey offers a robust, modern and sophisticated legal framework which has enabled it to lead the way in delivering private client services, from simple trusts and underlying company structures for UK families, to high value and more complex structures involving trusts, companies, limited partnerships and foundations for international families.


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The establishment of ‘virtual’ family offices for ultra-high net worth families are also available, as well as the establishment of structures for corporates looking to put in place suitable and innovative arrangements for the rewarding of staff and providing for their retirement.



Jersey is the number one jurisdiction globally for trusts, with a pedigree in the field of administering trusts since the 1960’s. Both charitable and non-charitable ‘purpose trusts’ are typically formed,  which can also cater for objects that may fall outside the strict legal definition of charitable but which are clearly altruistic in nature and intent e.g. ecological, infrastructure or research causes. 



An innovative foundations law has led to the growth in the number of Jersey Foundations.  The structure is attractive because of its infinite duration, capacity, transparent registration with the Jersey Financial Services Commission, the flexible composition of a foundation’s ‘council of members’ and the safeguard of the ‘guardian’, ensuring the council of members pursue the foundation’s stated objects. 

Their flexibility means that a Foundation can be created for purposes which are charitable, non-charitable, or a mixture of both, with approximately one third being used for philanthropic purposes. 


Experience and Expertise

Jersey holds 1,252 members of the worldwide membership for STEP, which is reflective of the wealth of experience and expertise offered by Jersey’s highly skilled financial service providers, which combined with a world-class infrastructure, gives an unparalleled welcome to businesses and investors alike.

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Key Facts
  • Jersey has £400 billion in trusts established by private individuals (Source: Capital Economics 2016)
  • Since their launch in 2009, Jersey Foundations have become increasingly popular with 327 Foundations formed*
  • The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Jersey boasts 1,252 members** - one of the largest branches of STEP globally
  • Jersey Finance hosts an annual Private Client event which attracts leading practitioners in the field of private wealth

*Statistic correct as at March 2017 (Source: JFSC)

**Statistic correct as at April 2017 (Source: STEP)