Russia/CIS: Tips/Business Etiquette

Although Russia is a very large country, most of the wealth is centred around Moscow. The market in Moscow is relatively mature with a great deal of  competition. Already established business/social circles, make the market difficult to  penetrate so use existing contacts for introductions where possible plus local trade associations.

Regular visits are key: face-to-face meetings and commitment are valued over and above written communication to help you build relationships so carry out presentations and speak at seminars to promote your company/brand and raise awareness.

  • Language: most Russians at a senior level speak English but consider whether it's worth having a translator with you
  • Research the market and take a long-term view to business as it will need a serious time commitment to develop relationships, so focus your time and efforts
  • Service and quality is important, so follow-up quickly on contacts made
  • Understand the Russian culture and business etiquette