United Kingdom

Jersey has a longstanding partnership with the City of London and is frequently part of the same transaction chain, client relationship and conduit process as the City, facilitating the deployment of mobile international capital, which is vital to the operation of free markets and to the global financial system.

Jersey is a ‘jurisdiction of choice’ for listing holding companies on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. There are a number of ‘high profile’ FTSE listed Jersey companies and Jersey also has the greatest number of FTSE 100 companies registered outside the UK.

Jersey Finance hosts an annual Funds Conference and Private Client Conference in London as well as taking part in a series of sponsored events in various parts of the UK including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol as part of business development activities in relation to Jersey’s key sectors.

Jersey’s tax neutrality, range of wealth management and investment vehicles, and high quality service providers means that Jersey is ideally placed as an offshore jurisdiction for fund structuring, private wealth management, listings and banking in relation to international business which flows through the UK.