Finance is Jersey’s largest industry, employing almost 14,000 people.

The industry prides itself on its forward-thinking, well-regulated approach. There are a variety of career opportunities in the finance sector which span a number of different sectors. This means you will find the right opportunity to match your qualifications and skills.

As the finance and technology worlds continue to overlap more and more new opportunities will continue to develop and reshape the finance industry. As Jersey’s largest industry we take pride in our forward-thinking and well-regulated approach which is the perfect environment for anticipating these changes and adapting.


"I enjoy coming into work as no two days are the same. I now realise that the finance industry is not the stereotypic boring 9-5 office job"

Silvia Ferreira
Silvia Ferreira
Career Switcher
Where To Go Next?

A common misconception is that you need to be an expert number-cruncher to succeed in the finance industry. This is not the case, there is a huge variety of roles available within the industry and the right role is out there to suit all skills.

If you are considering switching careers into the finance industry you can find out more about particular areas of the industry, the skill sets required and how your transferable skills from outside the industry may match in our Careers in the Finance Industry section, you can also learn more about starting a career in finance at our re-connect events, keep an eye on our events page for more information.


Reconnect Event

Our Reconnect events aim to be a helping hand if you are looking to re-enter the industry or branch out into a new career. It's a chance to speak to people who have been in your shoes, and gain some insight into how you can make the next step in your career.

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