Capvis operates as a leading mid-market investor. We have been developing companies with the goal of creating regional and global champions since 1990.

Renowned investors, predominantly pension funds, entrust us with long-term capital. As a result, millions of pensioners participate in Capvis’ success.

We invest in partnerships.
Investing money means accepting a high degree of responsibility. For investors, who entrust us with long-term funds. Mostly for pension funds, also through fund of funds, worldwide. For carefully selected companies that we plan to improve in a sustainable manner. Our own money also flows in every transaction and in line with this, over 55 investments have been made since 1990.

Key Contacts

Rachel Van Neste

Rachel Van Neste Fund Administration Manager
+44 (0)1534 780789

Carola Palitschka

Carola Palitschka Fund Administration Manager
+44 (0)1534 780789

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Capvis Announces Final Closing of Capvis V

Jersey Industry News

11 September 2018