Jersey is a world-class centre for fintech. We strive to be the easiest international finance centre to do business with remotely, in a digital world. We have a forward-thinking regulatory approach, which sets us apart, and this has been vital in cementing our standing as a highly-successful digital jurisdiction.

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Jersey has the fastest broadband speed in the world

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In brief Throughout our history, our Island has embraced economic opportunities and has worked hard to achieve a consistent track record of successful innovation.

With our expertise as a leading international finance centre, we were quick to recognise the opportunities presented by fintech and we have worked together to develop an attractive proposition for innovative fintech companies, both startups and established businesses alike.

Our Fintech Strategy

Several vital factors combine to create successful digital jurisdictions, including demand from incumbent industries, proactive regulation, enabling government policies, robust digital infrastructure and available digital talent. Thanks to a forward-thinking strategy, we have all the enablers in place to support business innovation and growth, and strategies to continue to improve. The result is a microcosm environment which is strong, stable and supportive – put simply, an ideal location for fintech to flourish.

Our fintech priorities have been shaped by engagement and collaboration with our Members and key partners to ensure Jersey’s financial services sector remains competitive in today’s digital-first world.


Digital Aspiration

Jersey Finance's digital aspiration is for Jersey to be "The easiest international finance center to do business with remotely in a digital world". It highlights our ambition to accelerate growth and continue the success of the Island's finance industry by being at the forefront of digital technologies.

Strategic Drivers

Our two overarching strategic drivers underpin our work and are crucial to ensuring Jersey achieves its digital aspiration.

The focus on client experience comes as a result of the move to a more virtual world and shifting client expectations from our industry, while driving efficiency is crucial to ensuring we retain our competitive edge.

Core Pillars

Underneath the two strategic drivers, these pillars focus on the different applications of tech for the financial services industry.

  • Compliance & Risk: compliance, cybersecurity and other areas of risk, including risks created by the use of technology.
  • Productivity: increasing productivity through effective use of technology is essential to growth.
  • Interaction: seamless interaction is needed to suit clients' needs but also between internal systems and different service providers.

Our Fintech Work

Jersey: A Clear Solution for Digital Assets
Jersey has been leading the way in its approach to digital assets. The Island’s forward-thinking attitude, coupled with its broad range of corporate vehicles, means Jersey has naturally developed an exceptional pool of resident expertise to deal with funds and digital asset innovation.
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Venturing Forward: Jersey for Technology and Life Sciences
We live in a digital world where the pace of investment in technology companies continues to build. We’re also seeing significant growth in the life sciences sector, with venture capital and private equity firms drawn to the opportunities it has to offer.
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Member Insights

Videos: Fintech 9 x 5 – A Homegrown Start-up Showcase
In 2020, ‘Fintech 9 x 5: A Homegrown Start-up Showcase’ provided local fintech firms the opportunity to highlight their capabilities and pitch their products, services and enabling solutions to Jersey’s finance industry.
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Fintech Factsheets ›

Keep up to date on the latest developments with our fintech factsheets.

Jersey’s A-Z of Fintech Jersey’s A-Z of Fintech ›

Significant fintech activity across a wide ranging set of technologies and capabilities is taking place in Jersey. Our A-Z of Fintech provides clarity on the activity being undertaken by Jersey Finance, our key partners, and our Members.

Key Facts

  • Jersey is home to the world’s first regulated bitcoin investment fund, Global Advisors Investment Fund plc. Its admission to the official list of The International Stock Exchange in December 2016 meant that it was the first regulated bitcoin fund to be listed on any exchange globally.
  • We were one of the first jurisdictions to adopt a regulatory regime for virtual currencies. Under the regulation, start-ups involved in virtual currency exchange are exempt from paying fees to the regulator, the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), until they reach a certain turnover threshold.
  • Our first initial coin offering (ICO) was launched in December 2017 by ARC Fiduciary Ltd. ARC created its own ‘ARC coins’ on the Ethereum Blockchain, with the objective of enabling coinholders to purchase a cryptocurrency designed to operate as a ‘stablecoin’.
  • In 2018, we completed the full rollout of our fibre broadband network – becoming one of the first jurisdictions in the world to make fibre-to-home available to 100% of broadband users.
  • With over 13,600 financial services sector employees, we have one of the largest numbers of finance industry professionals of any IFC, giving us a vast pool of expertise to draw from.
  • The JFSC encourages innovation in the financial services industry. As a part of Sandbox Jersey, they help to establish the right environment for companies to bring fintech products and services to the market.
  • Jersey’s robust financial services environment and regulatory clarity provides an ideal ecosystem for fintech to flourish, the sector is wide ranging with specialist fund technology providers, regtech firms, and payment and trading platforms, and identity specialists all choosing Jersey as a base for operations.
Digital Jersey Hub
Digital Jersey

Digital Jersey is the government-backed economic development agency and industry association dedicated to the growth of the digital sector. Digital Jersey is working alongside the government, the private sector and Jersey Finance on a number of key initiatives, one of which is fintech.

Digital Hub

Located in the heart of St Helier, the Digital Hub is a co-working space that provides useful tools for young businesses to grow and develop their ideas. From small fintech start-ups to more established digital firms, the dynamic hub is used by all.

Latest Fintech Posts

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Digital Solutions for Sustainable IFCs

The financial services landscape is currently being re-shaped by two global trends – innovations in digital technology and the rapid rise of sustainable finance. Emerging from these trends is a symbiotic relationship where fintech is playing a vital role in scaling up sustainable finance while sustainable finance is accelerating developments in fintech.

Many of the barriers to scaling up ESG reporting and compliance can be removed using digital technology. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is not only enabling financial service providers in Jersey to meet reporting and compliance requirements but also drive down process costs. Equally, the growth in sustainable finance is leading to greater demand for fintech solutions adapted to the specific needs of international finance centres (IFCs) like Jersey.

Jersey is already harnessing the cross-fertilisation of its digital and financial services sectors to develop innovative solutions in diverse areas such as impact measurement, supply chain traceability and blockchain-secured carbon sequestration.

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