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With the aim of promoting a bright future in finance for young islanders, we have created a newsletter that highlights key information about education events and initiatives in the industry.

Why work in finance?
Jersey's finance industry:
A Positive Impact

In fact, for every job that’s created in the finance industry in Jersey, many more are created outside of the industry.

You can be a part of this thriving sector and embark on a career which will offer many opportunities, both professionally and personally, whilst being proud of the fact that your contribution is helping our Island remain prosperous, now and in the future.

A common misconception is that you need to be an expert number-cruncher, but really there is a huge variety of roles available within the industry. These include administration, marketing, human resources, accountancy, legal, events, compliance, project management and business development and much more; so there really is a role to suit all skill-sets. There are also training programmes and schemes for those with the right qualifications, work experience, aptitude and ambition.

Foundations of our Industry

Our banks attract clients from across the world and a sizeable share of Jersey’s total deposits are held in foreign currencies, a reflection of the international appeal of Jersey as a banking centre.

The breadth and depth of services provided to the corporate sector from Jersey is one of the features that differentiates the Island from some of its competitors.

Jersey has been a prominent player in delivering fund services since the 1960s. The emphasis today has shifted towards funds for institutional, specialist and expert investors.

Jersey is arguably the number one jurisdiction globally for trusts, with a pedigree in the field of administering trusts since the 1960s.

Careers in the industry
Where are you on your career journey?
SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS You are 11-18 years old and want to know more about opportunities in the finance industry
UNDERGRADUATE OR GRADUATE You are studying at university and want to find out more about further study, courses or career opportunities
Experienced Professionals You are currently employed but looking to change job, role or sector
What do you think about the finance industry?
Suits and spreadsheets? Facts and figures? Fun?

Whatever your view, take a look at our Future in Finance video where we ask young Islanders the same questions and provide them with more information about the industry.

See what happens…

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Career in Jersey’s finance industry has become an increasingly attractive option, offering those who work in it a huge amount of opportunity to broaden their horizons, to work with some fantastic people and to make a positive difference to the Island.