Why Gain Work Experience in Finance?

Interested in travel?

As a global industry, a career in finance can include opportunities for travel and relocation with your job.

Want to always be learning something new?

The industry is constantly changing and advancing, it’s a key adopter of new technology meaning you need to be adapting too.

Looking for job security?

As Jersey’s primary industry there are a number of jobs available, and the industry is always interested in proactive candidates to start their career paths with them.

How to Apply

Applying for a placement
  • If you are a local year 12 student, you can apply for the Life in Finance scheme online. If you are a Jersey student who is currently studying off-Island you can contact us directly for details.
  • Once you have applied, we will invite you to a Meet and Greet event so you can get to know the firms who are offering placements. This is your opportunity to find out more about what the placement would look like and meet the different financial services firms.
Securing your placement
  • After the event we will notify you if you were successful in securing a placement.
  • Once your placement is secured, your firm will be in touch to agree on the placement start dates and duration.
  • Get ready to start your one to two-week work experience placement and learn everything you can about the industry and the opportunities for you within it.

After your placement we want to hear from you. How did you find the placement and how can we improve? We will email you a feedback link. We also want to make sure future Year 12 students know about your experience and so we will feature your involvement in our Gallery magazine spread.

What to Expect From Our Meet and Greet Event

Our Meet and Greet event to gives you the opportunity to speak to a variety of firms and find out more about their placement programmes. Take a look at the video below where we spoke to firms and students at the Meet and Greet to get their views on the event and why it is a valuable experience.

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What Will You Gain From the Life in Finance Scheme?

Build your skills

Learn new industry specific skills and enhance your CV

Build your network

Meet your potential employers of the future

Build your knowledge

You’ll get a ‘taster’ of a career in finance

As a Finance Firm, Why Join the Life in Finance Scheme?

In our regular conversations with industry we often hear about the importance of attracting new talented individuals to join your teams. Through providing finance work experience to Jersey’s next generation, you can:

  • Introduce Jersey’s young talent into your company and the Island’s thriving finance industry
  • Meet potential employees of the future
  • Educate local talent and provide a ‘taster’ of careers in finance
  • Build Island-wide exposure for your company’s brand and profile

After your placement we want to hear from you, to learn about how you found the placement and how can we improve. We will email you a feedback link.

In order to help us attract future year 12 students there will also be an opportunity for you to provide a case study for us to feature in Gallery magazine.

How Life in Finance Works for Firms

  • At the start of each year, we invite firms connected with Jersey Finance to sign up to the Life in Finance scheme. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have before signing up. There will also be an opportunity to meet with us at a lunch and learn ahead of signing up so we can answer all of your questions.
  • Once you have agreed to take part, we will arrange a Meet and Greet event. At the Meet and Greet event, you get the unique opportunity to meet with all the students taking part in the scheme. Here you can discuss with them the placements available with you and encourage them to complete a candidate selection form for your firm.
  • After the event, we will then match firms with students and confirm your placement.
  • It is then over to you to contact your student(s) to agree their placement start dates and duration. Placement dates may include some of the school’s activity weeks.
  • Once this is arranged, provide us with your confirmation form and job description for your student(s).
  • Start your one to two-week work experience placement with the student(s) and introduce the next generation into your company. Help them build valuable knowledge and experience during the placement and meet your potential future employees.

Firms That Took Part in 2023