Why Join Future Connect?

Jersey Finance works closely with finance firms in Jersey to create the Future Connect networking forum aimed at junior and mid-level professionals and those who are new to the finance industry.

The forum gives you access to a series of regular networking events which can help you to make impactful connections and build relationships with both your peers and senior professionals in the finance industry.

It also gives you access to ongoing news, insights and updates on interesting and relevant topics to give you the opportunity to learn more about the latest updates in the industry and what it has to offer.

Crucially, the forum also includes a mentoring scheme that links you with a mentor to meet with on a regular basis to discuss your career goals and further widen your network.

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Future Connect

Joining Future Connect is free, if you’re interested please send an email to our events team and we’ll get you all set up. Please use your work email so we know you work for a finance firm in Jersey.

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Between what ages do I qualify to become a Future Connect Member?

We have no age limit on our Future Connect Membership.

What job title do I need to have to become a Future Connect Member?

You don’t need to have a particular job title to become a Future Connect Member, everybody is welcome from all departments! However, the content is aimed at those less-senior professionals or those looking to enhance their career.

Do the topics at the events change each year?

Yes, we want to make sure the content remains as relevant as possible in this fast-moving industry. We want to discuss and educate our Future Connect members on current and relevant topics. We also host annual events, such as ‘FutureFest’ which is our Future Connect anniversary summer drinks event and our annual networking quiz which are regular staples in our calendar.

How many events do you host a year?

Since launching in 2019, we have hosted between 6 – 8 events each year.

Will I be invited to any of your upcoming events if I sign up?

If you sign up with us, you will automatically start receiving our invitations to our events as well as our quarterly Future Connect newsletter which includes key updates on your Membership as well as key industry news and opportunities for you.

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