Ollie De Sousa

Ollie De Sousa Assistant Manager, Audit, Assistant Manager, KPMG in the Crown Dependencies

My work primarily consists of valuing investments - the most interesting aspect of the job in my opinion! Collaboration with the client deal team is key and regularly involves open discussions surrounding different valuation inputs and methodologies, as well as current and potential future market conditions. The route into finance, and more specifically accounting, as a school leaver is one that I simply can’t recommend enough. The opportunity to leave school and obtain a professional qualification within three years provides you with a great platform upon which to build your career at such a young age.

Harry Mills

Harry Mills Audit Manager, KPMG in the Crown Dependencies

On a day-to-day basis, my routine would typically consist of leading team and client meetings, reviewing work prepared by other team members and discussing more technical aspects and queries with the engagement director/partner. Working in finance is a good option for local students as it is considerably easier to enter in comparison to the UK; there is a saturated market of employers here which offer competitive salaries immediately, which grow in line with market as you progress. The main surprise was how quickly you can progress if you put in the work, which is especially linear in audit. My next steps consist of moving to London to continue my progression in the audit industry on a two-year secondment.

Megan Sugden

Megan Sugden Audit Assistant, KPMG in the Crown Dependencies

I’m Megan, a Maths graduate from the University of Strathclyde, and work as an audit assistant at KPMG in the Crown Dependencies. After taking a break once I’d graduated, I decided to begin my career in finance, specifically in audit. I saw this as a promising entryway into finance where I would gain invaluable experience in a number of different areas such as private equity, real estate and listed funds. I would also be gaining an internationally recognised qualification, which I hope to use to travel later in my career, through KPMG’s secondment programme.

Ruben Caldeira

Ruben Caldeira Finance Manager, KPMG

I’m Ruben Caldeira, and after 3 years at Exeter University studying Accounting and Finance and a year at KPMG in Luxembourg, I started at KPMG Jersey and have now been there for 8 years. I worked in audit for 6 years then moved internally into internal finance as a Finance Manager. The finance industry is a great option for local students due to all the opportunities available. There really is a place for everyone, even if in a back-office capacity such as myself or in Marketing or Human resources. Everyone can make a difference, and together can make Jersey better.


Olivia Thomas

Olivia Thomas Senior Compliance Administrator, Fairway Group Limited

In my role I provide support and assistance to ensure that Fairway are compliant with Jersey’s AML regulations. In Compliance, you are exposed to all areas, making the role diverse and exciting. Working in finance has enabled me to earn money whilst I study, and I have gained qualifications which are recognised worldwide. I have gained a lot of transferrable skills which I can apply to my personal life, and I am more confident with my knowledge throughout my time in the finance industry. I hope to continue with studying, enabling me to gain more knowledge within the industry.


Moses Pike

Moses Pike Funds Administrator, Fairway

Working at Fairway has given me the opportunity to take on professional responsibility which has given me a rewarding sense of purpose. The role of Fund Administrator involves turning the cogs of the fund, including facilitating decisions, maintaining regulatory compliance, as well as investor and investment actions. For local students, the finance industry is a great route for those who enjoy a hands-on learning experience, which can provide a great insight of knowledge from client conversation, which has been a surprising element of my role. Next steps in my career will be to expand my knowledge by completing my professional exams.

Harry O’Connor

Harry O’Connor Assistant Manager, Private Equity, KPMG

My work focuses on performing private asset valuations in the alternative assets sector. In practice this requires analytical work, client engagement, coaching of associates and presentational skills. The cross section of KPMG as a globally recognised professional services firm and Jersey as an international finance centre gives the role direct access to some of the biggest players in the industry. The scale of work makes it exciting and provides a sense of importance in what we do. I have had a great experience at KPMG which as allowed me to commence a two year secondment to San Francisco in 2023.

Private Wealth

Linzi Maindonald

Linzi Maindonald Manager, Hawksford

The finance industry is a great option for islanders looking to embark on a long and successful career path. Many firms, including Hawksford, are now offering flexible, hybrid-working models, which enables you to really have control of your days. My role is varied, with no two days being the same; this keeps me interested and engaged. There is a common miss conception that working in finance is dull and monotonous, but that’s really not the case. I manage a team of Trust and Company administrators and provide high-end administration to a varied portfolio of clients with a diverse range of assets, such as commercial and real estate investments, private equity and investment portfolio.

Chris Mourant

Chris Mourant Associate Director, Private Client Team. Fairway

Working closely with multiple teams at Fairway offers me the freedom to apply a broad range of abilities. There's never a same day in the office, I love the variety. One piece of advice I would provide to trainees or graduates considering a career in finance is to view it as a career rather than just a way to make ends meet. You must be passionate about your work and take pleasure in what you do. A career in financial services can benefit from a wide range of transferrable skills. Of course, teamwork comes first, but problem-solving, prioritisation, and people skills are also highly valued.