Twinning for Impact

The Grace Crocker Foundation

The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation (GCF) is a local charity that was founded in 2011 by Sara and Nigel Crocker in memory of their daughter Grace. It supports Jersey families with sick children, desperately needing treatment in the UK. During the current COVID-19 crisis, GCF has broadened its objectives to assist families of sick children in Jersey who are experiencing hardship. For more information, please email Family First. The Family First service was established by GCF in collaboration with The Jersey Community Partnership.

Jersey Finance recently announced a three-year strategic partnership with the Foundation. The partnership forms part of the Jersey Community Partnership’s ‘Twinning for Impact: Take the Pledge’ campaign, which aims to encourage firms to ‘twin’ with local charities to support them with human as well as financial resources.

Through the new strategic partnership, Jersey Finance will be providing support to GCF through the wide range of practical skills, knowledge and expertise of its staff, many of whom will assist on a voluntary basis with the ongoing activities of the foundation.

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Our Commitment to Children

Putting Children First

Jersey Finance is a committed signatory of the Government of Jersey’s eight-point pledge to Put Children First. This means as an organisation we commit to improving the care and upholding the rights of every child in the Island.

Commitments under the eight-point pledge:

  1. Listen to children and young people
  2. Support families that need extra help
  3. Provide children in care with a safe, loving, secure home
  4. Expand Early Help
  5. Recruit and retain a professional workforce
  6. Make it easier to share data and information
  7. Ensure sufficient funding is available
  8. Publish clear standards and be held to account for achieving them
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Attracting Young Talent

Your Future In Finance
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Futures in Finance

Jersey Finance is committed to attracting young people to consider a career in the finance industry in order to grow local talent.

To find out more about the work we do to engage young Islanders with and in the finance industry, visit our Future Connect, Life in Finance and Working in Finance web pages.


Trident students have been placed at Jersey Finance in the last 4 years

Proud Partner

Jersey Finance is proud to work with its key partners to support Jersey’s future prosperity


students have taken part in our Life in Finance scheme in the past 5 years


Over the last decade, more than 3,000 young Islanders have found their first job in finance

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Jersey Good Business Charter

Charter Status

Jersey Finance was awarded Jersey Good Business Charter status in May 2020. We are very proud to have been awarded this charter which is a standard awarded to businesses in Jersey in recognition of their commitment to good corporate citizenship and responsible business practices in all that they do.

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Jersey for Good: A Sustainable Future

Achieving Operational Sustainability

Following the launch of our sustainable finance strategy in March 2021, we’re delighted to now be working with True Limited to achieve operational sustainability.

True Limited will support us with minimising and managing our carbon footprint including our direct and indirect emissions, as well as other indirect emissions such as business travel, purchased goods, water and general waste, and staff commuting.

In doing so, Jersey Finance will join other local finance industry firms in the vanguard of businesses dedicated to supporting the Island’s response to the climate emergency, in line with the Government of Jersey’s carbon neutral strategy. The partnership will culminate in the Environmental Business Operations Standard Award, delivered by True Limited with ESI Monitor.

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Eco Active Business

Eco Active Business Network

Jersey Finance is proud to be a member of the eco active business network since October 2020. The network is an environmental management scheme for businesses or organisations that operate in Jersey.

By joining the business network, we commit to take actions to lower the environmental impact of our business. One of the actions must be an energy or carbon emissions action.

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Finance Industry working with the Community

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

Jersey’s finance industry continues to make a very positive contribution to Island life and to communities further afield. A great deal of hard work goes on behind the scenes in our Member firms, from community projects and charitable initiatives to sponsorship and environmental programmes. Jersey Finance encourages and promotes this great work, and we ourselves undertake CSR activity too.


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Building a pan-Island workforce

Jersey Employer Group

Jersey Finance is proud to be part of the Jersey Employer Group, a pan-island steering committee which is exploring ways to build the best Jersey workforce for the future. There are five workstreams:

  1. Develop a strategic workforce plan for Jersey.
  2. Develop coaching and mentoring programmes across organisations and sectors.
  3. Develop an early careers / school engagement strategy.
  4. Build a clear narrative which markets Jersey as a great place to work.
  5. Share information and best practice to support the development of diversity and inclusion in leadership.

For more information contact us.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Institute of Directors (IoD) Jersey Diversity and Inclusion Vision

Jersey Finance has signed up to the Institute of Directors Jersey (IoD) Vision Statement in support of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. This means we commit to promoting diversity and inclusion and helping to support the future success of our Island.

Jersey Finance is also represented on The Diversity Network – Jersey.

Courage and Authenticity:

Crown Agents

Jersey Finance is proud to be supporting Crown Agents, a not-for-profit international development organisation that manage large programmes and projects to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity around the world.

Crown Agents have 187 years of history working alongside governments and multilateral organisations to provide expertise in procurement, last mile supply chains, health systems strengthening, and responding to crises.

You can learn more about who Crown Agents are and how they are responding to COVID-19 in our Jersey Heard podcast episode here.


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Mentoring Scheme

Mentoring Scheme

The new mentoring scheme run by Jersey Finance will be open to all Future Connect Members (Mentees) and other Jersey Finance Members at the Senior Manager level and above (Mentors) in 2021. We will help you to connect and guide you through the first steps, from then on, it is up to you! More information on this will be shared soon.

For more information, please contact Karolina Pilcher.


Future Connect

Living Our Values Everyday

Jersey Finance's Corporate Values

Jersey Finance refreshed its internal corporate values in 2020 to better reflect modern business practices in a future-focussed workplace. Our five corporate values are:

  • We are team-focussed
  • We are proud to serve
  • We champion change
  • We care
  • We value diversity

Proud to be Part of Jersey

Working Together for a Better Future

Jersey Finance is proud to work with its many partners on a range of initiatives and programmes that support the future prosperity of our Island.

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The Jersey Employment Trust

The Jersey Employment Trust (JET) was formed in 2002, with the aim of making employment and vocational training more accessible to people with disabilities.

In February 2023, Jersey Finance started a new partnership with JET in a co-ordinating role, to help raise awareness about the charity and to offer Jersey financial services firms an opportunity to work with JET and its clients.

Our Members tell us that having continued access to a varied talent pool helps to create a diverse cultural environment that can foster creativity and innovation. We hope our partnership with JET encourages the finance industry to further engage in broader discussions around employment strategies concerning accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusivity on-Island. These are essential factors when considering our Island’s future workforce and sustainable practices.

Our Partners

Jersey Finance works with Digital Jersey to promote and engage businesses on the benefits of Jersey’s digital infrastructure and expertise.

Jersey Finance works with Visit Jersey to promote the many benefits of living, working and visiting our Island.

We work with Locate Jersey to engage with the ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals and businesses who wish to relocate, redomicile or set up their businesses in Jersey.

We work with Jersey Business to promote the positive influence of the financial services industry  locally.

We work with Skills Jersey – the Island wide skills service – to promote the many benefits of working in the finance industry.

Jersey Finance works with The Diversity Network (TDN) which is a networking group with high aspirations, bringing something new and different to promote and enable diversity and innovative working practices in Jersey.

We support IoD Jersey’s work on-Island. IoD Jersey promotes business in Jersey and sets the highest of standards for corporate governance through its professional training programmes. Our Head of Legal and Technical, Lisa Springate, is also the Chairperson of IoD Jersey.

Jersey Finance works closely with the Government of Jersey. As a not-for-profit organisation we are funded by the Government of Jersey and local financial services firms.

Jersey Finance works closely with the JFSC – who are responsible for regulating, developing and supervising the Island’s financial services industry.