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Why Work in Finance?

As Jersey’s largest industry, a career in finance presents a great opportunity to explore a variety of roles across a number of different sectors.

The industry prides itself on its forward-thinking, well-regulated approach. We believe Jersey has a responsibility to support the transition to a more environmentally and socially sustainable global economy. Our goal is to be recognised as the leading sustainable international finance centre in the market by 2030.

Take a look at our careers and skills video to see where your next adventure could take you!

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What Skills Do I Need?

The finance industry is such a wide-ranging industry , there are a lot of opportunities that can fit your skill set. It’s not just about your qualifications but your soft skills too, from the way you communicate with others, work as a team to how you write an email these are all important skills.

We asked finance firms in Jersey what skills they are most looking for when interviewing for a position and overwhelmingly the feedback was that technical skills can be taught, but soft skills and a willingness to learn are qualities that they are most interested in, particularly from people at the start of their career.

To help you consider which areas you might want to explore more based on your qualifications and interests on our careers page which includes a number of useful resources.

Find Out More

I really enjoyed finding out about a career in finance. There are so many more options than I thought - really interesting.

Feedback from the Life in Finance Scheme
How Do I Find Out More About Jobs and Opportunities For Me?

There are a number of work placement opportunities available to students and college leavers including the Trident programme and our Life in Finance scheme.

Trident is a work experience scheme that all Jersey secondary schools take part in. It is a unique opportunity to experience working life while still at school.

Our Life in Finance scheme gives local year 12 students the opportunity to have a one to two-week work experience placement with a participating finance firm. The scheme is designed for you to gain a vital overview of the industry and build valuable knowledge and experience during your placement.

You can find more work experience, trainee programmes and bursaries available to students and college leavers on our opportunities page.

There is also more information on upcoming events available to you on our events and schemes page.

School and College Student Opportunities

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Administration, Banking
Vacancy, Bursary & Scholarships, Trainee Programme
Accountancy, Administration, Various
Work Experience
Administration, Funds, Wealth management
Trainee Programme
Supporter of Trident

We have been proud supporters of Trident since 2017. For more information on this initiative, please see the website.

Still have questions?

Not sure where to start? Start on our careers page to find out more about approaching the first step in your career and access a number of useful resources.