When considering a career in the finance and related professional services sector many people think of traditional roles in accounting, banking and funds, but there is so much more on offer.

You can explore career paths in other roles such as marketing, digital, human resources and project management, amongst many others. There is also a variety of roles in developing sectors such as fintech and sustainable finance.

The great thing about working in the financial sector is that it gives you an opportunity to build a broad set of transferable skills. As Jersey’s largest sector there is a career opportunity for every skill.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Whether you are in the process of finishing school, completing your degree, or considering a career change, it can be difficult to decide on what to do next. Our career signpost helps to demonstrate potential career paths to consider based on your interests.

How to Approach the Next Step in Your Career

  1. Speak to Your Soft Skills
    When we speak with finance firms they are increasingly more interested in the interpersonal, transferable skills candidates have. When job hunting, consider the soft skills you have developed such as teamwork (you may play sports) or communication skills (you may have presented in front of a big audience) that highlight your abilities to succeed in the role. Particularly if you are a school or university leaver with no previous work experience, think about your personal experiences and how these skills can help their business. This could include times when you’ve worked well in a team, shown good communication skills or timekeeping.
  2. Improve Your Visibility
    When looking for a job, make the most of social media. Using social platforms such as LinkedIn will be important as this is where employers post their company updates and job vacancies. Being active on these platforms can help to improve your visibility and allow you to network and access resources that may not be available or limited to you otherwise.
  3. Consider Your Options
    Although Jersey has a thriving finance industry, not all opportunities will be available at all times. If you find that there are limited opportunities in your chosen career path, consider complementary areas of work or jobs in other industries that allow you to continue to enhance your skills and employability as you build towards your chosen career path.
  4. Be Proactive
    Do your research on local companies that you would like to work for. Find out what they can offer you and what you can offer them. Even if they are not actively promoting opportunities, reach out and share your interest and enthusiasm. There are more than 160 firms in our directory, find out what they can offer in our business directory.

Resources Available

At Jersey Finance we have produced a number of resources to help you find out more about Jersey’s finance industry. Our library of resources continues to grow as we interact with more firms and learn more about what skills they are looking for from potential employees.

Support in Writing Your CV.CV Guide >
We’ve made it simple to understand how different finance sectors work.Put Simply >
Learning new skills and getting the newest qualifications is a vital part of working in finance, keeping you focussed and attractive to the employers.Course Finder >
Our masterclass videos will help you to gain a better insight into a career in accountancy, funds, law, marketing, regulation, and trust and corporate services.Watch Now – Focus on Finance: Careers Masterclasses | Our Work | Jersey Finance

External Resources Available

Skills Jersey offer a wide range of useful virtual services and resources to support you in the next stage of your career. Find out more on the Skills Jersey website.

Access more information on Higher Education opportunities in Jersey and overseas.Higher Education Opportunities >
Access practical tips on writing your CV and preparing for an interview.Preparing for Work >
The Government of Jersey provides some great resources to help you prepare for what you want to do next after finishing university.Graduate Resources >
Find local job opportunities for recent graduates.Graduate Job Opportunities >

Current Opportunities

A number of our finance firms who are part of our CEO Connect programme are able to post their Jersey-based vacancies on our website.

All of our local finance firms are able to submit opportunities on out website. These include school leaver and graduate programmes, internships, bursaries and work experience. Visit our opportunities page to view available opportunities.