We represent and promote over 170 financial services firms in Jersey


We have a presence in Jersey, Dubai, Hong Kong SAR, Johannesburg, London, New York, Shanghai and Singapore.


We've won 15 national and international industry awards for Jersey in the last five years


We host or participate in 30+ working groups on legislation, regulation and other areas of innovation


professionals across the world were reached through our own events in 2021

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About Jersey Finance

our purpose Funded by Members of the local finance industry and the Government of Jersey, we have a presence in Jersey, Dubai, Hong Kong SAR, Johannesburg, London, New York, Shanghai and Singapore.

By working with the best people, we’re able to create a safe, ethical and secure environment for investors.

We’re passionate about what we do and are focussed on developing a better, clearer future for businesses, the general public (at home and abroad), and for the finance industry as a whole.

Jersey Finance, which is run as a not-for-profit organisation, was formed in 2001 to represent and promote Jersey as an IFC of excellence. We are funded by local financial services firms and the Government of Jersey. We are truly international, with a presence in Jersey, Dubai, Hong Kong SAR, Johannesburg, London, New York, Shanghai and Singapore.



Open and positive, we’re a central contact for journalists and anyone connected with the finance industry – both locally and internationally – as a source of comment, industry news and information. We provide transparent views and insights on the role of IFCs and the added value that they bring to economies around the world.


Being the best means that our people need to be at the top of their game. That’s why we provide tools and resources for our finance industry professionals to successfully promote their individual organisations, products and services.


Forward-thinking and proactive, we work closely with the Government of Jersey and the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), to ensure that the best interests of the industry are represented, in terms of legislation, regulation and other key areas of innovation.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision To promote Jersey as the clear leader in future-focussed international finance.

Our Mission

To work with our Members to champion the competitive position of Jersey’s finance industry, both locally and internationally. We will achieve this by supporting the highest regulatory standards and the most attractive products and services to suit the needs of global investors.

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Becoming a member of Jersey Finance gives you exclusive access to events, information, news and support, enabling you and your organisation to grow and develop alongside global industry leaders.

What We Do

Jersey’s finance industry is focussed on developing a better, more certain future. By working with the right people and creating a safe and secure environment for investors, we can help to grow both local and international economies. As the voice of the international finance centre, we are proud to promote Jersey and help set it apart as a first-class jurisdiction.

The Jersey Finance Team

The work of Jersey Finance is delivered through several distinct teams:


We deliver an extensive overseas programme of visits and events in key target markets including the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, India, North America and the Gulf region. Through this structured activity, we are able to build strategic and meaningful relationships with investors’ needs in mind.


Attendees at Jersey Finance events in 2021


Events in 2021


Readership opportunities to see coverage from Jersey Finance in 2021


Member meetings held in 2021

Excellent reputation

Central time zone

Competitive choice

Centre of substance

Globally connected

Communicating these enduring strengths of Jersey’s finance industry to intermediaries, institutions and private clients globally, remains an essential element of our strategy and of Jersey’s future success.

We produce a wide range of engaging communications to support our stakeholders, to promote the many benefits Jersey offers as an award-winning IFC and to raise awareness about the value our jurisdiction adds to individuals and businesses in local and global economies.


Jersey Finance is proud of the library of evidenced-based research it has grown over the years. In our online research hub, you can find out more about the role of IFCs including; Jersey’s Contribution to Global Value Chains, The Evolution of International Fund Jurisdictions, Family Offices and Investment: The Generation Shift, Global Attitudes to Islamic Wealth Management, Asia’s HNW and UHNW Investors and the Growing Importance of ESG, Impact & Sustinability.

We also help to coordinate the consultation process for proposed legislation and regulation affecting Jersey’s finance industry, involving the Government of Jersey, the Jersey Financial Services Commission and industry. This helps to ensure that resources are dedicated to the most critical issues.


Building relationships

We have an expert and dedicated team who are committed to delivering our strategy. They are focussed on broadening and deepening existing relationships and fostering links with developing markets. This is achieved through a combination of in-region presence and a ‘fly-in’ strategy.

Tailoring content

We use engaging and tailored content to interact with our client base. A sophisticated customer relations management system ensures that we communicate in a consistent, relevant and timely manner, providing innovative and engaging content to our key audiences.

Understanding the opportunity

We understand global market trends and appreciate that globalisation is a key driver in international financial markets. Our structured programme of activity enables us to identify key opportunities and engage with our audiences in overseas locations.

Our Key Stakeholders

We work to ensure that Jersey remains internationally competitive. At the same time as identifying and mitigating the risks faced by our industry via our engagement with key stakeholders, we pursue opportunities to maintain and grow business flows.

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Annual Report ›

Jersey Finance is proud to have published its latest Annual Report, including the Audited Financial Statements of Jersey Finance Limited.

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