We have a passion for communication and are driven by a desire to achieve efficiency. We are digital experts who help transform organisations by digitising traditional practices and processes.

We are in a unique position of trust and responsibility. We are part of the Jersey Post Group, a global business that has been fully owned by the Government of Jersey since 1969.  We support the operational needs of the biggest brands in the financial services, insurance, telecommunications and energy industries and are one of the largest data handlers in the Channel Islands. Vaiie is derived from the Jèrriais word vaie, meaning to see, and represents clear digital vision.

We exist to help organisations to see digital futures and envision how they can use technology to operate more efficiently and deliver their digital visions.

If you are a financial services business operating in the Channel Islands and looking for operational efficiency and process outsourcing, contact us to learn how we can help.

Key Contacts
Lee Bosio

Lee Bosio Managing Director
+44 (0)1534 616712

Edmund Hatton

Edmund Hatton Business Development Manager
+44 (0)1534 616635

Craig Marett

Craig Marett Product Manager
+44 (0)1534 616593