Event Participation

By participating in the event as a speaker, participant and or attendee, I confirm that I am aged 18 or over, I agree that during the event, I consent to the capturing of my likeness, voice, image, personal details, and I hereby consent to the capture of these details by Jersey Finance, its affiliates, third-party attendees and participants of the event.

I understand that my participation in this activity is voluntary and that I may withdraw my consent to be photographed/filmed/recorded or my likeness captured at any time prior to the photography / filming / recording by email to events@jerseyfinance.je

I further understand that, subsequently, Jersey Finance may process (or authorise the processing of) photographs and recorded footage for educational, promotional and/or marketing purposes in accordance with Jersey Finance’s public task and legitimate interests.

Jersey Finance is committed to processing personal information in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and will ensure that the rights and interests of data subjects are weighted appropriately.

Receiving this message is my explicit consent to the above and there is no further action required of me to consent. If I do not consent, I will contact Jersey Finance by email to events@jerseyfinance.je with “I do not consent” before the event.


Member Conditions

Members may be invited to events and webinars organised by Jersey Finance and/or Jersey Finance partners, to enable Members to gain information and make the best use of networking opportunities.

If you have paid Jersey Finance to attend a Jersey Finance event, and wish to cancel, you must inform us 72 hours or more before the event to be eligible for a refund of the relevant fees paid.  Refunds will not be given for circumstances beyond the control of Jersey Finance, for example if fog/weather affects a delegate attending the event.  If you fail to turn up to three of our events in a row after registering and without valid reasons, we will have to review the position with regard to your attendance at future events and the cost implication incurred by Jersey Finance.

The Jersey Finance complimentary passes and delegate passes for third-party events and webinars are allocated to Members on a non-preferential basis. If you can no longer attend the event you must notify us immediately so that we can offer the pass to our other Members.

If you fail to attend a sponsored event or webinar without alerting Jersey Finance, you will not be entitled to a pass for the rest of the year so that our other Member firms can benefit.

Members must conduct themselves professionally at these events or webinars as representatives of our finance industry and their affiliation as ‘guests’ of Jersey Finance.

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