Professional conduct at our events

In an interconnected global landscape, Jersey Finance’s events programme serves as a pivotal platform for disseminating updates, showcasing thought leadership content, and articulating forward-thinking rhetoric.

Our gatherings not only present opportunities for exchanging insights but also offer a unique forum for financial services professionals to converge and network within this diverse and dynamic community. Against this backdrop, the manner in which individuals conduct themselves becomes paramount, shaping an environment where shared values, professional respect, and ethical engagement lay the foundation for meaningful connections.

The expected conduct for all attendees at our events is guided by fundamental principles of professionalism, diversity, respect, and inclusion. Respectful behaviour, equitable treatment, and individual wellbeing are paramount. Attendees bringing guests to events should share relevant pre-event communications if we do not have their contact details to also ensure their understanding and compliance.

Applicable equally to every Jersey Finance colleague, Member firm and event participant, we demand adherence to high standards, promotion of equal treatment, and rejection of discriminatory actions. It universally applies at our events, in-person and virtual, fostering a collective commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion and explicitly prohibit bullying, harassment, and discriminatory comments.

Excessive alcohol consumption is prohibited, and our guests must be particularly mindful of local restrictions and cultural expectations across the regions in which we operate. We expect our guests to adhere to the same principles of respect for differing local customs and practises.

This underscores our commitment to maintaining a secure and inclusive environment for all attendees at our events.

If an attendee believes these guidelines are not being followed, they are encouraged to speak to a Jersey Finance representative at the event or let us know afterwards.

Entry and attendance

Entry and attendance at Jersey Finance events is at our discretion. We reserve the right to refuse entry or require attendees to leave, or to refuse entry to future events where we deem appropriate.

Accessing our events

We encourage attendees to notify us in advance of any accessibility requirements to ensure that our events are inclusive and accommodating.

Other information for attendees

If you have paid to attend a Jersey Finance event and wish to cancel, you must inform us 72 hours or more before the event. Tickets are generally non-refundable, however we usually permit you to change the name of the ticket holder. Please note that refunds will not be given for circumstances beyond the control of Jersey Finance, for example if fog/weather affects a delegate attending the event.

Where attendance at an event is included in your Jersey Finance Membership, you must register in advance. If you fail to turn up to three of our events in a calendar year after registering, we reserve the right to refuse registration for future events.

Jersey Finance complimentary passes, delegate passes for third-party events and webinars are offered to Members on a non-preferential basis through our newsletter. If you can no longer attend an event, you must notify us immediately. Failure to do so may mean that future requests for passes cannot be accepted.

Use of your data, including photography and video

By participating in an event by completing a booking form or registering by email you give your explicit consent to the below conditions, and there is no further action required of you to consent. If you do not consent, you must contact Jersey Finance by email to with “I do not consent” before the event:

“By participating in the event as a speaker, participant and or attendee, I confirm that I am aged 18 or over, I agree that during the event, I consent to the capturing of my likeness, voice, image, personal details, and I hereby consent to the capture of these details by Jersey Finance, its affiliates, third-party attendees and participants of the event.

I understand that my participation in this activity is voluntary and that I may withdraw my consent to be photographed/filmed/recorded or my likeness captured at any time prior to the photography / filming / recording.

I further understand that, subsequently, Jersey Finance may process (or authorise the processing of) photographs and recorded footage for educational, promotional and/or marketing purposes in accordance with Jersey Finance’s public task and legitimate interests.

Jersey Finance is committed to processing personal information in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and will ensure that the rights and interests of data subjects are weighted appropriately.

Third-Party Events including Partnered, Co-hosted and Sponsored Events

Jersey Finance may collaborate with our third-party affiliates and event partners, we may collect and share your personal data with our affiliates and partners for the purposes of contacting you and running events.

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