The Association of Jersey Charities is delighted that, in a year with special anniversaries for both organisations, Jersey Finance Limited has chosen to partner with the AJC for 2021.

This year Jersey Finance will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the finance industry in Jersey (Jersey Finance itself is celebrating its own 20th anniversary) while the AJC celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding in 1971.

In its anniversary year, Jersey Finance and its members will be attempting to raise £60,000, and exceed the £50,000 the organisation raised during a similar partnership with the AJC for its 50th anniversary.

“We are delighted that Jersey Finance has recognized the key community role played by local charities,” says AJC chairman Kevin Keen. “And that the AJC, representing as it does a majority of registered charities in the Island, is the appropriate body as a partner in such an initiative.”

About Jersey Finance’s partnership with the AJC, Chief Executive Officer at Jersey Finance, Joe Moynihan, said:

“We’re proud to be working with the AJC on this year-long campaign to raise £60,000 which will help to make a difference locally. The slogan for our 60th anniversary is ‘Together we Shine’, which clearly reflects Jersey Finance’s belief that collaboration and working together is critical to our shared success. That belief is reflected in our partnership with the AJC as we both mark our anniversaries this year.”

It is intended that funds raised by Jersey Finance over the year will be used to support the AJC’s Charity Awards later in 2021, which recognise excellence in operations and governance across the local charity sector, in three distinct categories.

“The Awards are a showcase for locally registered charities but, more so, a very significant motivation to ensure the highest standards in the way charities function,” says Kevin Keen.“This past year has been onerous for most local charities due to the impact of Covid-19 but we hope that this pre-announcement of the Awards, the mechanics of which, given the current Covid-related complications, are still in a very early stage, will be a positive encouragement for charities to overcome their difficulties and strive to fulfil their potential in all ways once again.”

Further details of the partnership and the benefits to local charities will be published in due course.

Press release was originally published on the AJC website.