We assess the green credentials of our contracted partners

Championing environmental sustainability can be a daunting task, but our dedication to create a positive impact on the planet motivates us as we look further afield.

Our partnership with, Potting Shed, an external web and creative agency has recently announced, based on approximations, across all of their websites, they are producing approximately 0.5 tonnes of emissions per month.

Aligning with our purpose, Potting Shed have taken their first step towards balancing the carbon emissions through a tree planting initiative, committing to donating at least 1 tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent per month to carbon-offsetting projects.

Group CTO, John Doublard said:

“It has been a pleasure working with Ed and the talented team at Potting Shed (PS). Their expertise and dedication to Oak allowed us to undergo a complete rebrand, creating and developing the Oak ecosystem, which now forms the pillar in all of our marketing materials. Their own commitment to sustainability is commendable and significantly contributed to our purpose-led vision.

We are proud to collaborate and partner with business’ who share the same values and dedication to sustainability that we do at Oak.