Students in Jersey starting a degree at university this year are being invited to apply for a bursary being offered by the Jersey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants (JSCCA). Now in its eighth year the JSCCA Bursary, valued at a total of up to £5,000 each year for the relevant years of study, is designed to help students from Jersey attend university to pursue an undergraduate degree of their choice, before returning to the island and considering a career in finance. 

Even with the States of Jersey’s new funding proposals for higher education, the financial commitment of funding a university degree education can be prohibitive to an increasing number of local families, particularly those with more than one child to fund through university. The JSCCA runs the Bursary Scheme to help bright committed students have the choice of studying for a degree. 

Applications are welcome from students planning to study courses both within and beyond business and finance. The JSCCA also helps facilitate paid work experience with local employers during the holidays.

James de Veulle (pictured), Head of Training for the JSCCA, commented: 

“The bursary aims to help prevent local students’ career options being narrowed by financial cost, encourage local talent to return to the island after university, and fill the ongoing demand for qualified accountants in local businesses, both in and beyond the finance sector. 

Accountancy higher apprenticeships for school leavers have increased significantly in popularity for both employers and students but, whilst these on-island routes to an accountancy career are excellent opportunities, the JSCCA also sees a degree education continuing to offer significant value to students in terms of both academic and intellectual education, and building cultural and global awareness, essential in today’s working environment. 

We are keen to help ensure that Jersey's potential future business leaders have the opportunity to pursue the academic pathway of their choice and fulfil their potential.”

Last year, the main JSCCA Bursary was awarded to Lucy Clark who got the full bursary payment and is studying business and accounting at Edinburgh. Discretionary payments were also made to Luke Glover studying Economics at Durham, and Harry Hutchinson studying History at Exeter.

The closing date for applications for the academic year beginning September 2018 is Friday 16th March 2018. Application forms can be downloaded from, where potential applicants can also find out more about the JSCCA. The application process involves an initial screening process looking at predicted A-Level grades and a student's motivations to attend university before returning to the island to pursue a career in accountancy. A face to face interview then follows for short-listed candidates. 

For further information, please contact Caroline Harrington on tel. +44 (0) 1534 734188 or e-mail

Issued on behalf of JSCCA by MarieClaire Creates
Contact: Marie Vibert

James de Veulle