As a locally owned independent organisation, we are deeply committed to supporting our community, and one cause that holds a special place in our hearts is Every Child Our Future (ECOF). ECOF strives to ensure that every child in the Channel Islands receives the best possible education, regardless of their circumstances. At BDO | C5, our staff passionately support ECOF’s mission by volunteering for early-years reading sessions in local primary schools.
Our commitment to the joy of reading goes beyond volunteering. We are proud to have exceptionally talented staff, some of whom are self-published authors. One such talent is Noel Mallet, Senior Consultant at BDO|C5 Alliance, who has written and illustrated a captivating children’s book titled ‘The Adventures of GRiNdaL Volume 1’. This magical tale brings to life the enchanting adventures of a goblin named GRiNdaL.

In celebration of World Book Day this year, Noel will be engaging Year 3 pupils at Les Landes School in an interactive reading session followed by a creative writing class. He will also be volunteering at Book Buddies held in Jersey Library which is a program run by ECOF where pupils are supported by volunteers to choose books together and enjoy the children’s section of the library. This is a wonderful way for children to have the opportunity to explore the community resources of the library and to have the chance to research books and topics they are interested in with an ECOF buddy. As part of this program, he will be reading ‘The Adventures of GRiNdaL Volume 1’ to the children as well as gifting copies of his book to the schools.

Reflecting on his passion for storytelling, Noel expressed, “There is nothing more special than bringing a book to life for a child and igniting a passion for reading within them. I am grateful that BDO|C5 recognises the significance of reading and has supported me in this endeavour.”