Jersey Finance is delighted to appoint Rhiannon Small, Senior Manager at the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service, as a Board Apprentice as part of the Government of Jersey’s Inspiring Women into Leadership and Learning (I WILL) initiative.

This local programme is facilitated by ‘Board Apprentice’, a not-for-profit social franchise dedicated to increasing diversity on boards globally, by widening the pool of Board-ready talent and developing tomorrow’s Board members today.

Acting as a host Board, Jersey Finance will welcome Rhiannon to all Jersey Finance Board meetings for a full year to gain first-hand experience through observation of the workings and dynamics of a Board. This will also enable Rhiannon to emerge with the practical knowledge and understanding necessary to further qualify her to take on other Board roles.

Jason Laity, Chairman, Jersey Finance commented, “One of our corporate principles is to support diversity and inclusion, by respecting people with different ideas, strengths, interests and backgrounds. Whilst Rhiannon will primarily act as an observer, she will commit all the time necessary to fulfil the duties of an appointed Board member, and we are really looking forward to her contribution to Board discussions. We hope that this excellent initiative will provide her with a solid foundation and deeper insight into Board governance and operations.”

Kate Nutt, chair of the Government’s I WILL Steering Group said, “We are delighted that Jersey Finance has appointed a Board Apprentice as part of the Government’s I WILL programme. I WILL aims to support women’s progression and development across the public sector, to upskill female colleagues to create more opportunities for Board placements, and to encourage a greater diversity of perspectives at Board level. We look forward to working with the Board Apprentice team, and our host Boards such as Jersey Finance, as we continue with plans to develop and grow the I WILL initiative this year.”