Jersey Finance is proud to be a member of DIFERA, Liberate’s employer accreditation scheme.

This is the first scheme in the Channel Islands to award organisations with a quality mark that demonstrates to employees (past, present and future), to clients and suppliers that your organisation places DIFERA at the heart of what you do.

What does DIFERA mean?

D – diversity
I – inclusion
F – fairness
E – equality
R – respect
A – acceptance

We are aiming to help educate ourselves and others on how to be the best DIFERA champions both in and outside of the workplace.

It is important to be able to express six values authentically to create a positive and empowering environment.

Our DIFERA team at Jersey Finance are working hard to ensure these values remain at the heart of what we do internally and externally, and we hope to see more local businesses join the DIFERA membership.

Jersey Finance’s Chairman, Jason Laity, said: “We are thrilled to have been accredited by DIFERA as a diverse and inclusive employer, and are keen to ensure that we continue to place Diversity, Inclusion, Fairness, Equality, Respect and Acceptance at the heart of what we do. The team at Jersey Finance have some exciting plans on how they plan to do this. We thank the DIFERA team for the training we have received and are excited to be part of this valuable accreditation scheme”

For more information on DIFERA and how your firm can become a member visit the Liberate website.

If you wish to speak to one of our DIFERA champions, please email them on the below contact details.

Allannah Camsell › Senior Operations Manager, Jersey Finance
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Alicia Mathieson › Events and Marketing Officer, Jersey Finance
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Charli Truscott › Marketing Assistant, Jersey Finance
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Emma Laing › Digital Marketing Manager, Jersey Finance
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Faizal Bhana › Director – Middle East, Africa and India, Jersey Finance
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Helen Maletroit › Finance and Operations Manager, Jersey Finance
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Jess Draisey › Communications Manager, Jersey Finance
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Nathalie Andersson › Strategy and Research Manager, Jersey Finance
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Peggy Gielen › Legal and Technical Manager, Jersey Finance
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