Jersey Finance is calling for healthy and sensible debate around key issues affecting the island’s prosperity ahead of Jersey’s General Elections this year.

The upcoming election in Jersey on 16th May 2018 provides Islanders with an opportunity to participate in the future success of the Island, by ensuring their voice is heard by those seeking election.
As the representative body of the finance industry, Jersey Finance is asking those participating in the election process to consider its views and has published a document entitled ‘Working Together for a Better Future’, to highlight its vision for the future and a potential roadmap to success for both the industry and the island more widely .

Geoff Cook, CEO, Jersey Finance commented:
“This is not about supporting particular candidates, it is about putting clear facts out into the public domain and having good, healthy, sensible conversations about our combined future success. The finance industry is the largest contributor to the Jersey economy. When it does well, the island does well. It is also vital that we can continue to work successfully with government representatives to make a positive impact both locally and globally for the future prosperity of our Island.”

The ‘Working Together for a Better Future’ document outlines some of the key areas that are important to the industry, including education, skills, tax, regulation, connectivity, innovation and Brexit among others. Copies will be sent to all potential election candidates in the coming weeks. To view a copy of this document, click here