Jersey Finance’s latest promotional video, ‘Jersey’s Relationship with the Gulf Region’, showcases the enduring partnership between Jersey and the Gulf region.

Insights from Jersey Finance’s Chief Executive Officer, Joe Moynihan, Allan Wood, Jersey Finance’s Global Head of Business Development, and our Business Development Team from the Middle East Regional Hub office in the DIFC provide valuable perspectives.

The video also features finance intermediaries from the Gulf region and senior representatives from Jersey-based financial services firms.

Together, they share firsthand insights on how Jersey caters to the evolving needs of investors in the GCC and the broader Middle East, and how Jersey has developed strong ties with Gulf countries for many years – since 2011, Jersey Finance has maintained a presence in the UAE, and our Middle East Regional Hub office in the DIFC has been operational since 2018.

Watch the video to discover how Jersey’s international finance centre stands out for its forward-thinking approach. With stability, robust governance, and reliable structures, Jersey is well-positioned to offer strategic advantages for Gulf businesses and families in achieving their international investment goals.

Video: Jersey’s Relationship with the Gulf Region
Watch Jersey Finance’s latest promotional video showcasing the enduring partnership between Jersey’s award-winning international finance centre (IFC) and the Gulf region.
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