Darren has considerable knowledge and experience in regulatory matters, including over 15 years in senior roles at the JFSC. Darren advises on a wide range of topics, including AML/CFT, financial sanctions, prudential reporting, corporate governance and risk and compliance frameworks.

His supervisory background encompasses all regulated sectors, including the supervision of banks, collective investment funds, investment and trust company businesses. More recently, Darren has played a key role in designing the JFSC´s supervisory risk model and the supporting guidance used by its staff.

Jamie Biddle, a Director of Oben Regulatory, said, “We are very pleased to welcome Darren to our regulatory practice, which continues to grow and evolve its offering to meet the needs of our clients. Darren’s considerable experience of supervisory processes and his understanding of the JFSC’s risk model further strengthens our team and will be of invaluable assistance to our clients.”

More information about Darren is available at https://www.oben.je/people/darren-boschat/